Thursday, August 07, 2014

Ripping seams out of a towel-- not my favorite thing to do

Today I found out that it's not impossible to unpick a seam in a hooded towel-- it's just not how I ever want to spend my time again.  

My Peachie was eager to try out baby Scout's hooded towel before I tied it up with a ribbon.  I hope Scout likes it.  :)

Now to get another fluffy pink towel and make one on the sly for this curly girl's 4th birthday...  

How will I do that when she's my sewing shadow??

Monday, August 04, 2014


It is discomforting to see how often the virtue of loving the sinner is being replaced by the vice of embracing the sin and vilifying those who eschew it. 

Elder Dallin H. Oaks explained this phenomenon well in a talk last year. Here is an excerpt: 

"Persons who don’t believe in God or in absolute truth in moral matters can see themselves as the most tolerant of persons. For them, almost anything goes. This belief system can tolerate almost any behavior and almost any person. Unfortunately, some who believe in moral relativism seem to have difficulty tolerating those who insist that there is a God who should be respected and that there are certain moral absolutes that should be observed."

Elder Dallin H. Oaks, "Balancing Truth and Tolerance," Ensign, February 2013,

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bun and Biscuit's birthdays

Today we celebrated Bun and Biscuit's birthdays.  Bun turned 9 and Biscuit turns 2 tomorrow.
Bun, along with Danny's help, grilled hot dogs at the park for dinner.  He also picked up litter to finish one of the last three achievements for his Wolf in Cub Scouts.

All the kids had a fun time playing with sand, playing on the playground, and with bubbles from their goodie bags.

After dinner we came home and for Family Home Evening lesson listened to several examples of children who helped the planet by being humanitarians or environmentalists (the final thing in his Wolf book).  
After FHE, we had birthday cake for refreshments.  Biscuit was especially in awe at all the chocolate on the cake.  Her favorite!

Happy Birthday Bun and Biscuit!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Playing tricks on Auntie

The twins (almost 5), under the influence of cousin Anna (age 10), thought it would be totally fun and sneaky to dress alike and switch their natural hairstyles to trick Auntie Leslie.

Anna helped curl the front of Squdge's hair and straighten out Tater's swirl.

We'll see how many times today Auntie Leslie mixes them up.   :P

Anna is having a good time dressing the little girls like real live dolls.  

I still think the twins are fraternal.  But most extended relatives think they're identical.  What thinketh you?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fool's Gold on Friday

Today we learned about Samuel Champlain and Henry Hudson's explorations hoping to find a quicker passage to India and China to trade for silks and spices in Story of the World Volume 3 chapter 4.
We got done early since Danny had taken Hammy to his speech therapy and Bun and the twins tagged along to help him run errands afterwards.
So basically I just taught Pookie, Gabbers, and Peach about the elusive Northwest Passage, while Biscuit played with Nippett (the dog we are watching for my friend).
We were kinda bored when we were all done with our maps, comprehension questions, coloring pages, dictation sentences and chapter test.

So we made our own version of "fool's gold" with white glue and gold glitter.  We made about 10 gold nuggets.

And we made Peach a potty training success chart.

And we twiddled our thumbs and wondered how quiet and peaceful the house is with four less boys.

And we may have had fun with a sharpie too.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

How I saved $60 tonight

I saved $60+ today giving haircuts to six of my kids:  the five boys and then Gabbers bangs.  The boys' haircuts at the Exchange cost about $10 each.  I don't know how much girl haircuts are there.  

Luckily, she only wanted her bangs cut.  I'm not sure how I'd do on the rest of her hair.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

No ties this year.

I'm taking the chance Danny won't read the blog before he gets this candy bar sign from the kids.  
Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Back to School in Pookieville

I updated our school boxes today.  While many friends are posting about school being out for the summer, we are starting the next grade level and are SO EXCITED SOME OF US WAKE AT 6 AM.  

I have advanced the oldest four to the next grade and started the twins and Peach on learning to read.

 Even though I have dozens of brand-new boxes of crayons, I decided not to give those out yet. I remember loving my own school supplies.  I imagine being one of eight kids, that's just as important.  

Well, Biscuit doesn't get one yet.  That would be like saying, "Here, go color on the walls and cut your sister's hair."  Nope.  We're not ready for that.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

When a Biscuit gets a Hammy to do her bidding

Biscuit walked into the kitchen and stood by the fridge waiting for her milk cup.  

Hammy came in and saw her, opened the fridge, and handed Biscuit the cup.

Next thing I know, he's lifting her up and she's snatching yogurts.

I said, "Hammy, don't let her raid the fridge."

He said, "But I... Biscuit wanted to... I didn't know... I thought she wanted to put her milk up high.  I was lifting her up."

"I see that," I replied.

Hammy set her down and said as he walked off, "Silly Biscuit..."


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