Privacy Request

I am asking that everyone who links to my blog either on their home page, blog page, or even just in posts, please refrain from using our last names and location and our childrens' real names.

This also applies to comments. Here are some suggestions for you for links:
  • Nikki and Danny
  • Nikki's fabulous blog of all things random
  • Pookieville
  • Life in Pookieville
  • Nikki
  • Nikki, the best blog EVER, click here, go visit now, send her money (and diapers)
Or, if you come up with another clever exciting way of promoting my little blog and want approval, email me at FloorNeedsMopping(at)gmail(dot)com and I'd be happy to preview it.
And for the kids, please use the nicknames:

  1. Pookie-- 13 year old son
  2. Gabbers-- 11 year old daughter
  3. Bun-- 9 year old son
  4. Hammy-- almost 8 year old
  5. Tater-- 5 year old twin boy
  6. Squdge-- 5 year old twin boy
  7. Peach-- 4 year old girl
  8. Biscuit-- 2 year old girl

Thank you,

The Management