Monday, August 16, 2010

My kids lick shiny things -- still.

So, y'all know we recently came back from vacation.  Just before the vacation I switched the babies from their infant car seats into convertible carseats (still rear-facing of course).  This made it possible to squeeze Hammy and the twins into the first bench together in the van. 

The down side to switching from their infant seats is we couldn't use our double stroller that infant seats pop into.  We also couldn't just set their infant seats directly into shopping carts.  And we basically told them in church, "You are no longer strapped and trapped.  Feel free to seek and destroy while we try to listen reverently in Sunday School."

In case you were wondering, or haven't been with me for at least the last two years, these babies, like their four older siblings, ALSO love to lick shiny things.  It's one of those pesky little habits they picked up in line while waiting to be born.  "Ahh you are going to Nikki and Danny.  Here's a freebie."

So now, we are experiencing a virulent case of Rotavirus here in Pookieville.

All this to prep you for the latest Kiddie Kwip, brought to you by Bun, the recently turned five year old.  You can send your thanks in the form of Quilted Northern.

Bun 5 years:  "Daddy, I have good news for you!  This time when I had a lot of poop you don't have to plunge the toilet.  I did enough flushes to get ALL the toilet paper down."


Lisa said...

LOL! No, I'm not laughing at your trial. I never would. But, I am laughing at the sweetness and innocence of dear Bun, and the image of those handsome little boys crawling all over the place during Sunday School. I can just imagine their hands grabbing everybody's purses, including the old lady's oxygen tank (and apparently licking it too...)

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, is there EVER a dull moment in your household?


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