Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pass the bon-bons please

I'm not sure if I've blogged this before (and I don't really care to look through 700 posts to find out), but a friend of mine's father is known around here for saying, "The magic number of kids (referring to easiness level) is one less than what you have."

Tonight is Pack meeting.  Danny is the Cubmaster and Pookie, being a cubscout, went with him.  And Hammy, being the mini-Pookie-in-training/Daddy-cling-on, went along too.

Can I just say, life is so easy with just four and a half kids?  Especially with my two, um... "spirited" ones being away for a few hours, life is so smooth and easy. 

I've vacuumed out the van (realizing that we eat way too many French fries and Cheerios), washed carseats and their cloth covers, rearranged seating in the van, washed laundry, and caught up on blogs in my reader. 

Now I sit, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for comments.  Or I guess I could pack the clothes for the trip . . .


5 Boys and a Princess said...

I'm about to send dh and 3 sons out the door to Boy Scouts which leaves me home with the youngest 2 kids and blessed silence. My babies are 10 and 7 so they are pretty independent and only come in to ask permission to do it themselves. While I miss their toddler days, sometimes. I really do enjoy them a lot more now- all the work and training is paying off.
I'm finally caught up on all the posts in my google reader- we came home from vacation and I had almost 400 to read.

Laura said...

You make me laugh, Nikki! I have two kids, and yes, having even one less kid around makes life so much easier... but I also like doubling the number of kids in my house, because that gives each kidlet a playmate. So, um, at least 4 kids is the perfect number? Or 6? Or 8... or 10... or 12... yeah, but my two are enough, until God decides He wants us to have more. :-)

Cheeseboy said...

And I thought my TWO kids was a handful. Kudos to you. Too bad they all can't be in cubs. (Which just so happens to be where my older one is now.)

Lisa said...

I think we get so used to taking care of all our kids that even one just one is away or down for a nap or something, life seems SO peaceful. Enjoy it!

Susan said...

Dear Nikki,

You are super woman!

Have a great trip!



Marcy said...

I like that magic number concept--I'll remember that. Right now I have no kids, and let me tell you, that gets old quickly (my kids are with their dad on vacation and Mr. Brady's kids are with their mom on vacation). When the time is right, I want to have at least one more. You really are amazing to keep it all together!

Julie V. said...

Hey...another plus for the cub scout program! Say hi to the awesome cubmaster for me.


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