Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All I heard was "retrieve the pictures blah, blah, blah"

One of my blogging goals this year is to post more pictures.  I started this blog shortly after the birth of my third child in 2005 because of a suggestion from my sister Leslie to keep my parents, Danny's parents and our siblings, up-to-date with clips of the children, funny things they say, and pictures.  It's morphed somewhat since then-- but remains mostly about that.  the kids.  and it's like an online journal for me.  I try to remind myself that regardless of whether or not people comment on my blog, it's for my parents and posterity.  and that's what matters. 

And yes, I am blogging again even though I have a looming to-do list and I have a Tater rolling around on a floor in need of vacuuming.  Judge all you want. 

Back to my point, the pictures.  I forgot AGAIN how to download or upload or install or retrieve or whatever the pictures from the camera or card-thing to the computer.  Well, I know that I turn off the camera.  Take out the little card.  Put it in the computer.  And then something pops up from there and I can't remember the rest. 

Attention deficit much?  I like to to tell myself it's lack of sleep.  The Zoloft is working.  I find myself unseasonably happy about the mundane.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh Nikki!! You are hiliarious!! That's how I am too! If the little window thingy doesn't pop up, I don't have a CLUE of what to do! Good luck....


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