Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Tuesday to-do list for your viewing pleasure.

  • Take Gabbers to school.
  • Pick up Gabbers from school.
  • Take Gabbers to Girl Scouts, along with her friend, and all five boys.
  • Don't forget to take to Girl Scouts the 20 cut-out copies of each craft for the girls (after they are finished being cut out of course).  *Note to self:  Stop volunteering for things.
  • Watch the cloudy meatball movie with the kids and return to the red box thing before 6 p.m.
  • Have Gabbers and Pookie do homework before watching the movie. 
  • Iron Gabbers achievement patch on her Daisies vest.
  • Sew on Cub Scout patches onto Pookie's uniform.
  • Plan something for Wednesday's lunch and playdate.  Go to store if necessary.
  • Take picture for the WFMW post and post it in the evening.
  • List it also with Tuesday Tips.
  • Make a dental appointment for self. 
  • Think happy, sugar-free thoughts.
  • Try not to think about how fun it would be to play with my blog layout and background all day instead of doing the things on the list. 
  • Oh yeah, feed Charlie.  (the guinea pig)


Leslie said...

I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that I don't mind when my kids don't want to do extracurricular activities just so I don't have to drive around like crazy. We did have Christian attend CubScouts faithfully of course. But he just rode the bus to the school and then walked to the church from there (it's close) and then his Cub Scout leader aunt would drive him home.

Susan said...

Yes, you must stop volunteering!! You are a busy woman already!

I always feel such accomplishment when I just do ONE thing on my list so I hope you can get just ONE thing done on your list~!


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