Friday, February 05, 2010

Babies + Giggles = You can't help but smile

Warning: The following video contains a graphic depiction of babies in their natural habitat. The gratuitous giggling and general cuteness are not intended for everyone. If you are predisposed to smiling and have found it hazardous to your health and/or your doctor has advised you not to grin, you should not view this video.


Rach said...

So cute. whos voice is that? Is that Danny? He sounds so different, if that's him. I love the giggles though. I love how baby on the r(sorry I can't tell them apart unless I'm there) how he is dying from giggles he must roll over...but someone?!! is in his way!! hahahhaha. I love it. So cute. and those hands that are stuck in the mouths...makes the giggles even better.

Leslie said...

so CUTE! It's so funny how they both have their hands in their mouth at the same time and it's stopping them from having a full laugh so only little giggles are escaping.

Nikki said...


Danny filmed this right after the Star Wars party. I was at Princess and the Frog with Gabbers, Bun, and Hammy. He said about this, "I was using my 'make the babies laugh voice.' That's why I sound like a leprechaun on crack."

Squdge is in stripes on the left. Tater is in red on the right. Easy way for family to remember, is their blog nicknames start with the same initial as their real names. ;)

And Danny posted this. He's Dakrat.

Lisa said...

Wwwahhh, so cute! I love it.

Pop said...

Great clip of the twins. Loved their giggling. Thanks, awesome uplift for the weekend.


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