Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Preschool Flip-Binder WFMW

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Click on photo to enlarge.

My little sister Rachel, who is still in my mind 8 years old--which is not nearly old enough to be expecting baby #4, asked me to take some pictures of my preschool flip-binder. So this gets to be my Works for Me Wednesday. The idea to do a flip-binder for our homeschooling came from my dear mother-in-law. Many, many thanks to her.

Here they are layed out on the school table. Each sheet is 8 1/2 x 11 inches and laminated and then three-hole punched. Whomever is teacher's helper, one of the classroom jobs, gets to flip the binder for the day. It is a coveted responsibility. Even though we call it "The Preschool Binder" we use it for Pookie's Kindergarten too. Having a regular school routine keeps me on task and lets the kids look forward to what is next. This works for me!

In response to a few questions: We use this binder Monday through Friday. Occasionally, when the weather is above zero degrees Fahrenheit, we go to the library on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. Then we deviate from our routine. But otherwise, this is the routine we follow.

It sits on our homeschool table (six-foot table from Wal-Mart) all the time, unless we are painting; then it goes on my desk. Whomever is assigned teacher's helper takes his job very seriously and reminds me eagerly that it's time to flip it.

We used to devote 15 minutes to each of the following areas: math, reading & writing, music, memorization, snack time, story time, art. But now, we seem to have extended some areas depending on how well it's "sinking in" or how much interest they have to continue past the time. Lately, we've been spending several hours on homeschooling each day. The kids love it.

We've also added in PE after art. In the dead of winter, like right now, PE is usually just jumping on our indoor mini-trampoline (completely supervised), or dancing around like maniacs. The kids of course. not me. never me. that would be silly. Why? Did someone tell you I dance around like a maniac?

This binder is a fun reminder to them about what to expect next during "school time." They associate the pictures with the subject. They learn how to spell those words just by seeing them everyday. But other than the binder, we of course make every shopping trip (grocery or otherwise) a learning experience, as well as dinnertime and chores.

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reprehriestless warillever said...

This is great. We did something similar with magnets on the fridge for a while, but stopped when it became to much maintenance for me. This looks like a good alternative.

Do you have a different sheet for each day of the week?

Robin said...

Love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

Great tip! I really enjoy the use of visuals with kids!

Heart of Wisdom said...

Neat idea. Flipbinders are so handy for so many things.

You have been tagged for the "What’s On Your Refrigerator?" meme. It is a Meme and a contest! I'll be giving away two free home organization books. Read all about it at

Amy said...

Little Rachel is having Baby #4?! (Congrats Rachel! - if you read this)

So how do you use the binder? Just have it sitting out to say that at some point in the day you will be doin gthat, or do you just pop it up just before you do the activity?

Stacy said...

Great idea! You must have so much fun doing that!


What About Mom? said...

holy cow, you are organized. very impressive, and a great idea. i love laminating stuff. i might not use it ever again, but oh the pleasure from laminating it in the first place.

so, i feel like i've "run into" you all over today. first at WFMW, and then i saw a comment you made a memarie lane. (and i feel almost like i know you because my sister Marcy loves your site). small world!

MamaToo said...

this is very clever & organized - thanks for sharing it & the photos!

Amy said...

Thanks for the update!

I have another question. :)
I saw music as one of the pages. What do you do during that time? I've beent hinking of getting childrn'smusic instruments (like rythym sticks, jingle bell braceletts, etc..) but am wondering if I shoudl just use adult type instruments and teach them that way. I know you and the piano are a given, so I am wondering how and what you do for music with the kids.


Mrs. Morty said...

I'd Like to see more pics of your class room. It looks like you really have things together. I Love this tip since I've been looking to get the kids into more of a routine. Do you have a plan for each activity each day?

lizbit said...

I loved the preschool flip chart Mom made for us. Organization is great, and so are pictures. Yay for flip charts!

S.B. said...

I like this idea too! I am going to share it with my sister who is an early childhood teacher.

Thanks for stopping by my site.


The Donkey said...

15 minutes for snacks? I like it!

Maria said...

what a great idea! thanks for posting the pictures :-)

OHANA said...

ok, now where did you get the clipart? And can you email me them...I'm trying to be very organized!! thanks for the inspiration

Julie V. said...

Your flip chart is way cute. Wish I had clip art way back then, but I did OK with the old hunt and cut method (pictures from magazines, color books, Church nursery book, etc..)Tell Amy ANY and ALL kind of music is great. Sing serious or fun songs, action songs, use REAL instruments or simple home-made noisemakers (bang on a pot and march around - the kids'll love it!). Introduce the family to music from other cultures too. Dance, march, sing, play! Teach the kids to recognize sounds and shapes of various instruments, too. The musical production of Peter and the Wolf is perfect for music creative. Have fun!

Bobbi said...

Okay. I've officially decided that both you and Erin are maniacs. You are over-achieving, super-human, make-the-rest-of-us-look-like-lazy-bums, A.D.D.-energized crazy mamas!!! How on earth do you find the energy or the time or the organization to do all these things?! I'm baffled...Can I please have some of whatever you're having?


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