Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day for the Tightwad

Start your celebration at sun-up so by sun-down your kids will have sweet memories to go to sleep with and you and your hubby can watch a dollar show from the red box thing while your Tater and Squdge roll around the living room floor leaving drool puddles.

The going rate in my neck of the woods is $2.50 a kid per hour for a babysitter.  probably more on Valentine's weekend.  I'm not forking over $15.00 an hour! 

It's not legal to leave your kids with the 8 year old.  or smart.

My kids think this day is about them and they want to celebrate it too.  The Ultimate Family Guide to an ALL OUT Valentine's Day Celebration is an article that I wrote a few years ago.  We pretty much follow the same game plan but with minor changes. 

I tried to make these adorable Valentines found at (which is also where the photo is from) and found the kids had a difficult time getting the candy through the maze. 

Today we made these.  Picture and tutorial is from No Time for Flash Cards.

I used red glitter, pink glitter, and heliotrope glitter foam for the hearts.  I didn't end up doing ribbons though.  I think I might add the ribbons for wands I'm saving for my kids.  I'd take my own picture but Danny has the camera. 

So this is what I'm doing slightly different this year:

Prepare pancake batter (using the stuff bought on sale) and pour into an old syrup bottle to make easy heart-shaped pancakes.

Pink milk will be with food coloring instead of strawberry syrup.

In addition to the hearts hanging from the ceiling, I also have Valentine's balloons in pink, white, and red with hearts that I bought for one dollar at Wal-Mart.

The kid activities:

Instead of finger painting with pudding this year, we'll be playing with pink playdough, rolling pins, and cookie cutters.

heart day bingo

The treasure hunt prizes are the pink playdough we'll play with and red Pez refills from after-Christmas sales.  We keep our Pez dispensers in a Mommy treasure bucket (formerly the Mommy-Store) and the kids "rent" them out.

The romantic date basket for Danny and me for after 2/3 of the kids are asleep:
  • cheeseball and crackers (make this cheeseball recipe)
  • bubbly (Strawberry Fanta- it's red [for Valentine's Day] and it's bubbly but not overly bubbly thus taking away from the taste and atmosphere like Sparkling Apple Cider and FAR more responsible than alcohol [which goes without saying but I had to say it anyway])
  • fluted glasses to pour the fancy bubbly drink into (that I received from my bridal shower 11 1/2 years ago)
  • a couple of homemade cloth napkins to line the bottom, add to the look, and be a little green ;)

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Cynthia said...

Awesome! You're all set. Thanks for the fun ideas.

Lisa said...

I've been planning a few things for V-day myself, and was thinking of blogging them too...I like your ideas a lot! I'll probably be linking again. :)

Leslie said...

I love those ideas! I've never made heart shaped pancakes and now that I have your squeeze bottle ideas I'm excited to try it.

I'm a big fan of NOT spending lots during valentine's day. Well, if we lived near a Sees chocolates, I admit I would be tempted to request those from Troy. But since we don't I all for a tightwad V day.

Momza said...

Um, so ...Can I come to YOUR house for Valentines Day???
My kids would flip out if I did all that!! LUCKY Kids of Nikki!!!


Julie V. said...

wow - you have really gone all out. We'll have to figure out how you two can get a night out without paying the big bucks for a sitter!

Julie said...

Heliotrope, huh? Now I have to google it to find out precisely what that color looks like.

Sherry said...

Love those ideas! :D I'm going to do some special celebrating with my children this year. :D

Nikki said...

Heliotrope is pinkish-purple. Or purplish-pink. And they were a hit at Kindergarten today! phew.

A. said...

You inspired me! I went out and put my own little thing together today (a box of See's chocolates for dh and I to share, and sparklign cider). However... I will say, picking thigns like this up is best done without kids. Oy! They kept begging for chocoalte and cider the whole trip and having fits. lol