Sunday, January 31, 2010

January did not go unnoticed in Pookieville.

Tomorrow I start my month of service.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to publicly blog it though like my friend Julie.  I might just blog that I did it that day.  Perhaps it will be a blurb at the bottom of my posts.  Or if I'm thinking it's particularly share-worthy and I need blog-fodder for the day, then I'll post about it. 

Anyways, this post is dedicated to a bunch of firsts from the first month of the new decade.  Not all have pictures.  

Our first mud-fight.  I suppose it had to happen eventually having five boys and all.  Sorry neighbor Bill if you heard all the things these four mud-laden children are grounded from.  At least I was level-headed enough to get a picture.Why yes, those are school clothes on Gabbers and Pookie.

On the 16th of January, Danny baptized Pookie, our first child, into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Pookie's first Pinewood Derby. His car got the "Most Character" award, made it across the finish line, and didn't even come in last! Hurray!
This little guy on top did have to undergo surgery to hold all the pennies.  But he's okay.  Danny's a good surgeon.

Yesterday Albertson's was having a sale on these items for $1.39 each if you buy five.  I had three transactions of five at Albertson's.  Then I went to Wal-Mart where I experienced my FIRST price-matching!  I've never price-matched before.  I got the granola bars and syrup there.  Wal-Mart, even though your bags are less-than-ideal quality, your willingness to match any advertised price ROCKS!  It was an awesome feeling.  My name's Nikki and I'm addicted to bargains.

I used dehydrated potato slices for the first time.  I couldn't find a lot of info online about it.  So if anyone has any recipes with dehydrated potato slices they'd like to share, I'd love to have them!
Gabbers and friend on their first TWIN day at school.  The first time they got to go to school in non-uniform clothes (well, not if you count Halloween-- but she was sick with the Swine Flu).  Gabbers said about the red shirt, "I thought we were going to have the same color shirt."  I told her, "You're fraternal twins." 

Squdge and Tater tried their first rice cereal this month too.  I thought Danny was taking pictures of it, but he was filming it.  And I cannot seem to figure out how to put videos on my blog.  So you'll just have to imagine babies plastered in rice cereal. 

I got my first offer through the blog!  It is from  I know it's not like a Wii or a year supply of toilet paper, but I am THROUGH THE ROOF EXCITED because now I have survival seeds for my food storage.  My kids are begging me to plant them instead of saving them.  Right now, Hometown Seeds are offering a 10% discount as a way of saying Thanks for helping to build their business.  Just enter the coupon code thanks from now through February 28, 2010, and 10% will be reduced from the total cost of any order. 

I'm not sure how to do a disclaimer "properly."  But here goes my first disclaimer:  I have received a pack of Survival Seeds in exchange for putting their link on my blog.  (It's over there --------> in the right sidebar if you're looking for it.)  When I do decide to plant them, or buy other seeds to plant, I will type up my own thoughts on them that may or may not be the same as your own experience with them.  I'm sure seeds are choking hazards for children under three.  So keep out of reach of Gremlins.
How's that? 


JoMamma said...

Holly cow you were very busy in January. I love the mudd fight picture.
Good luck with your month of service.

Leslie said...

ha ha - funny stuff! especially the fraternal twins girls. I love the pinewood derby car with the sheep on top. Christian and Troy were in the derby here yesterday but their cars weren't nearly as cute.

I'll have to give those seeds a try eventually. I'm sad that we'll be leaving behind my darling square foot gardens when we move but I'll find some patch of ground to garden in this summer I'm sure.

Leslie said...

I forgot to say CONGRATS on the shopping deals and price matching!!! I'm just in love with the whole couponing thing and feel like I talk about it constantly. It's so much fun and so helpful with stocking the pantry and saving money, isn't it?!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Love that pinewood derby car. Leave it to you to think of putting a lamb full of pennies on top.

Kim said...

I am addicted to bargains, too. I guess it is a good thing to be addicted to, if you have to be addicted to something. lol. Congrats on the great deals.

Tynel said...

You are an amazing mother! I love reading your blog and your perspective on life. It always makes me smile!

Rach said...

Gabby you are a sweetheart!! oh the fun you have. And I am sad that I do not have an Albertsons & can partake of the bargains...I wish Hawaii had any of the coupons that you can get. someday..someday.

Julie V. said...

Fun stuff - love the pinewood derby car and the mud fight photo...remember crisis plus time equals humor.

Nikki said...

Mom W.

LOL! That is a very good thing to remember. Thanks!

Nikki said...


I'd love to take credit, but it was actually Danny's idea to put the little stuffed animal on top. It's a debate in our home as to what it actually is. Half say lamb, half say polar bear. Everyone at the Pinewood Derby said it was a polar bear.


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