Monday, January 08, 2007

One Hundred

I enjoyed reading Neighbor Jane Payne's list of 100 things and Susan's. I didn't think I could come up with 100 of my own. I opened a word file and added to it as I thought of things. And here it is!

1. I love to bake for people.
2. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I am the middle child.
3. I have been married for 8 years.
4. I thought my little sister Rachel was the cutest baby in the world until I had my own.
5. I took Rachel to show-and-tell when I was in first grade.
6. I have my own boy, girl, boy, and a baby on the way.
7. I took piano lessons from age 9-13. I love to play and could play for hours if I had the time.
8. I have played the recorder, flute, clarinet, and trombone as well.
9. I quit trombone because my arms weren’t long enough.
10. I had my recorder teacher tell me (when I was in second grade) that I was tone deaf and wouldn’t ever understand music. She was wrong.
11. At one point, I was the choir director and pianist, and primary pianist.
12. I’m teaching my children the recorder.
13. I taught myself the American Sign Language alphabet in sixth grade so I could talk in class to my friend and not get caught.
14. I had two of my wisdom teeth come in early and were removed when I was fourteen.
15. I had the other two removed when I was twenty.
16. I sorta accidentally punched the dentist when he removed my wisdom teeth (when I was twenty).
17. Lortab is not good for me. It makes me feel like I’m MacGyver.
18. I love order and cleanliness.
19. My sister Erin and I made a lot of money doing summertime plays for the neighbor children when we were preteens. We convinced our friend Shanna and our little sister Rachel to star in them as well.
20. I am very patriotic and don’t tire of hearing the national anthem every day at 4:30 p.m.
21. I HATE knickknacks.
22. I like things in my home to have function.
23. I love the internet. I learn bazillions of things every day.
24. I check (stalk) people’s blogs about a dozen times a day.
25. I love e-mail too.
26. I love to be frugal.
27. I love slip-on shoes but get more done when I wear tie-up shoes.
28. I have ridden a camel.
29. I competed in the Strawberry Days Scholarship Pageant four years in a row.
30. I got Miss Congeniality the first year in the pageant. I got first attendant and service award the fourth year.
31. I love being a homemaker.
32. I wish I had a college degree.
33. I was mistaken for a junior high student once when I was substitute teaching. I was 22.
34. I make hooded ducky towels.
35. I love to pick the brains of more experienced mothers than myself.
36. I listen to and believe what advice my mom tells me.
37. I find my mom and mother-in-law to be great sources of information.
38. Next to my hubby, Danny, my mom is my very best friend.
39. The oven timer scares me when it goes off—every time.
40. I can hardly handle opening a tube of biscuits or crescent rolls because I can’t stand the “pop.” It gives me great anxiety.
41. I always give eye contact when I talk to people and teach my children to do the same.
42. I love classical music and the oldies.
43. I am overly cautious and protective of my kids.
44. I love nuts. But not cashews. And I can’t eat raw walnuts.
45. I only like raisins in homemade granola or baked into things like bread or cookies— but not plain.
46. I love prunes. But I hate prune juice.
47. I don’t like watermelon.
48. I don’t like watermelon flavored candy or cotton candy or gum.
49. Bananas are my favorite fruit.
50. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.
51. I drink a lot of milk.
52. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
53. My two favorite cookbooks are My Mom’s Recipes (from my mom) and the Joy of Cooking.
54. I make a mean pie crust.
55. I mostly cook from scratch because of my frugalaholic tendencies.
56. Blue is my favorite color and you can tell by looking in my closet.
57. I wear a lot of hand-me-down or thrift store clothes.
58. Grocery bargains make my day.
59. I don’t like it when people knock on my door or ring my doorbell during naptime.
60. I started homeschooling my children so they wouldn’t have temper tantrums (oldest was almost three at the time).
61. I make popcorn of some variety every Fast Sunday.
62. I have always hated ghost stories.
63. I enjoy sleeping under the stars.
64. I LOVE camping.
65. I caught a fish once with my bare hands.
66. I am a homebody . . . big time.
67. I like people but I don’t like crowds.
68. I do like parades though. They remind me of my grandpa.
69. People tell me things. Random people that I’ve just met in line at the grocery store or Walmart or gas station, ANYWHERE, will tell me about the surgery they just had or their life story or their cheating spouse or their children and grandchildren’s degrees and occupations, etc.
70. I purge my home of clutter at least twice a week.
71. I really like President George W. Bush and our first lady Laura Bush.
72. I’m addicted to Once a Month Cooking.
73. I auditioned for and got a part in a musical once singing the song “I enjoy being a girl” while I had laryngitis.
74. I do not like carrots in my jello.
75. I memorized all four verses of America the Beautiful and sang them for the principal when I was in fourth grade.
76. I love to read.
77. I read dozens of books each year for myself.
78. I love to read to the kids—and read a dozen books a day to them.
79. I love garlic.
80. I love pajamas.
81. I have one gray hair that comes back about every six months.
82. I used to have an hourglass figure.
83. I wanted to be Miss America.
84. I wanted to be the president of the United States or join the Peace Corps.
85. My ability to bake and cook has increased at least 100-fold in the past three years.
86. I made homemade pizza every Friday for about six months.
87. I was hospitalized for five weeks when I was pregnant with G.
88. I knew every nurse’s life-story at the end of those five weeks.
89. I don’t like to make waves. But I will if it has to do with my children.
90. I yelled at the NICU doctor the day I took Bun home from the hospital.
91. I sold Tupperware long enough to pay for the kit.
92. I sold Pampered Chef in my second trimester with first child while working a full-time job.
93. I’ve sold Avon.
94. I’ve sold Stampin’ Up!
95. I was the librarian for the Provo La Leche League and read every book they had.
96. I was fired from China Light Café as a teenager. I sure missed that $2.30 an hour.
97. I played the piano with my toes at my wedding reception.
98. I can read 1000+ words a minute.
99. I have very fond memories of Disneyland.
100. I love being a mom.

Now it's your turn.


OHANA said...

WOWZERS!! Oh the information that one knows and learns. How funny that you took me to Show-and-tell!! I feel special. I loved learnign somuch about you. thanks

Amy said...

HAHA! I love the one about making money off neighbor kids by putting on plays. :) So reminds me of myself as a kid.
BTW, who DOES like carrots in their jello?

Anonymous said...

Nikki, I absolutely love reading your blog! You're so resourceful! Can you teach me some frugal tips? Seriously, I don't know how to be very frugal and I want to learn.

Oh, and i'm addicted to OAMC as well but I think I already told you that!

Loved your list!

piglet26 said...

holy cow, I don't think that I know 100 things about myself. by the way, I love theodore's little hoody towel so much that he cant use it, I have preserved it in a box to look at as I want and then place on his head like he is a little hoodie animal, and then I fold it up perfectly and put it back away in the looking box to be looked at and admired later.

Anonymous said...

well, wow! Also, I can't believe you don't like cashews! (oh well, more for me) You rode a camel? You caught a fish with your hands? I really enjoyed reading this. Maybe I'll even start my own list.

*note to amy* I like carrots in my jello. Especially orange or lime jello.

Nikki said...

Liz- I think I'm slightly allergic to cashews. That's the main reason for not liking them. I can choke them down if they're covered in chocolate though. :) I love your blog, btw.

gurrbonzo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. i remember you teaching us the i enjoy being a girl teeth aren't teeth but pearls...! anyway, you inspired me to make my own list.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I LOVE your list Nikki! We have a lot in common and it was fun to see all the things you're interested in.

All Andersens said...

Hello Nikki, how are ya? I always love reading your posts. I think it has inspired me to make a 100 list. So I will be posting one too :) Also love all ideas about freezing stuff. I will have to do that. Also what is flash freezeing??? I am not familar with that. Crystal

~yolanda said...

Thanks for sharing. We have a lot of things in common. I'm going to start making my list. :)

Bebe said...

#40 made me laugh out loud! My 17 year old son tortures me with those stupid biscuit tubes! He chases me and threatens to open them! I hate it.

Julie said...

So this is an old post, but I just found you so that's okay! We have a lot in common. I totally identify with the knick nacks/stuff having a function stuff. Order and cleanliness rule supreme. Oh, and I loved George W. and his wife, too.

I see a beautiful friendship in the future!