Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Planning your 4 year old's party- part 2 Goodie Bags

We are 7 1/2 weeks out from Hammy's big 4 year old birthday party.  Planning a little at a time will prevent lots of undue stress.  This week's topic is fun and easy:

Goodie bags

You don't have to rush out and get your items this far in advance;  but if you have a theme and an idea of what you want and what you don't want, start a list.

Goodie bags are important when entertaining four year olds.  Four year olds have a hard time coming to a birthday party with a present that is not for them and then leaving without it.  I love to tell the kids, "Goodie bags are our little gift for you!"

The actual bag that the goodies go in does not need to be themed.  Cut down your expenses and use white or brown lunch bags or clear cellophane bags.  Last year when we did The Ultimate Star Wars Party for Pookies we used clear cellophane bags tied with curling ribbon that matched the theme.  Don't pass on the brown lunch bags; the element of surprise is in not knowing what you're going to get at the end of the party. 

Use what you have or buy cheap.

We are going to be gathering up dying crayons to do this little craft and then add them to the goody bags.

I despise junky little toys in goodie bags.  I prefer to pick things that are consumable-- like crayons, pads of paper, stickers, balloons, a treat.  I'm okay with noise-makers as well. 

But little cars (that will lose their wheels first try) or parachuters (that will come off their parachute) or choking rings with possible lead paint, bleck.  I wouldn't want them coming home to my house so I'm not likely to fill bags with them. 

Bouncy balls I'm up in the air about.  haha.  No pun intended.  No bouncy balls this year though because I'm certain two little toddlers will try to ingest them.

My goodie bag brainstormed list as of today:

  • Circle crayons (mentioned above)
  • A homemade oatmeal cookie with Hammy's initial on it (Sesame Street letter of the day)
  • A yellow balloon -- All kids love balloons and Hammy's favorite color is yellow

That's all I have so far.  And I'm not worried.  You don't need to be either with a little prior planning.

Bonus tip:  Earn money with Swagbucks to help pay for your party.  Read part 3 here.

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Lisa said...

You could probably make a coloring page or small book (like 3 pictures stapled together, quarter size sheets) of Hammy's favorite things, or even a picture of Hammy himself! Just take your favorite picture, place a paper over it, and trace around the main features with a marker. Copy and voila! a fun little momento.

For my baby shower recently, I made hairbows for everyone in attendance. I used fabric to make little flowers. They were easy to make, though just a tad time consuming. Obviously that's a more girly thing, but I agree with you--consumables, or something that is at least not a choking hazard, is what I prefer to give and get at a party.


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