Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ultimate Star Wars Party for Pookies

The birthday cake I ordered from the commissary.  It was chocolate with whipped frosting.  SO yummy!  In person, it looked like a baby shower cake.  But when I added the little toys, voila!  Star Wars cake!
Gremlins LOVE chocolate cake with whipped frosting that turns your face and hands blue.
Taking a break between games.  See this little boy on the right in the red jacket.  He reminds me of this guy- personality and all.  Sweet kid. 

I had Star Wars music playing online for Federation Freeze Dancing.  See the taller kid in red?  He reminds me of this guy. 
We ended up only having 6 guests.  A handful of friends thought the party was Sunday and missed it.  But I was SO relieved there was only six because those six felt like sixteen.  But they were all really good kids.  Just a couple were excited.  The "UP" boy was so eager for the party that I saw him pass in front of our home about three times hours before the party.  Then he showed up 20 minutes early to the party. 

Birthday boy Pookie had a great time.  He didn't seem to notice that only a third of the guests invited showed up.  It was a good balance of personalities.  My friend stayed around and helped.  a ton!  She even blew up tiny balloons for the Death Star Stomp. 

If you're interested in throwing a Star Wars party, here are some ideas we got from online and a little imagination.  The games were: 

Federation Freeze Dancing - when the music stops, you freeze.  If you are still moving you're out!

Escape the Death Star- hot potato.  A ball wrapped in foil and passed around the circle.  We couldn't find the designated ball so we used a plastic toy orange wrapped in aluminum foil.

Death Star Stomp- a.k.a. Balloon Stomp.  Tie a small 5" silver balloon around the ankle of each guest.  Try to stomp out others' balloons before yours gets stomped.  When your balloon pops, you're out!  This was loud and caused a bit of anxiety with Pookie and also with UP boy, but they all loved it.  The twins were in the playpen off to the side and slept through this even with shrieking, squeals, and loud pops.

The most popular game which didn't even have prizes was Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Jedi.  a.k.a. Duck, Duck, Goose!  Sylvia, Danny and I were practically rolling with laughter watching this one.  I even participated for a spell. 

Consolation prizes were Pixie Sticks.  We called them lightsabers.  Big prizes were little bags of 4 Blow Pops or 10 Rolos with Glow-in-the-Dark stick-on stars, also a sheet of felt coloring stickers with a space theme to it.  The biggest prize was from the dollar store.  It was called a Water Blaster and resembled a green lightsaber.   I had a hard time keeping my kids from it before the party started.  I made sure that one of the guests won that prize.  ;)

Star Wars Coloring Pages:  These were just in case little girls didn't want to play rowdy boy games.  Gabbers and her little friend loved these.  You can find loads of free coloring pages online for practically any theme.  My kids are still enjoying the ones leftover. 

Invitations:  I can't figure out how to show you an actual invitation.  So here's a description.  A black and white coloring picture of Yoda was in the corner and then the words,

Eight years ago a baby boy was born. His name was Pookie and he was strong with the force. Hidden away on a remote planet called Earth, Pookie's Jedi training has been progressing well. But now the Sith have learned of the boy and seek him diligently. To overcome this threat Pookie will need the help of others. So a call has been sent out in the form of this invitation to come and learn the ways of the Jedi. Only with the strength of the Jedi can the Sith be defeated.

You have been chosen to join Pookie to fight the evil of the Sith. Jedi training has been disguised in the form of a birthday party. Training will begin on January 23rd at 4:00 p.m. at the Earth station located at 123 Ourhouse St. Pookieville AFB.

Please note - you may arrive in costume - as the Sith may be watching but please leave all weapons at home. All you need will be provided. If you dare to accept his challenge please inform the Jedi council at 555-JEDI with your urgent reply. May the force be with you!

We decorated with black streamers, silver balloons, a silver foil door, a few black balloons with white stars on them, and a handful of signs shown here. There was a large banner on the garage door made with printer paper over a half Star Wars tablecloth that said, "Arrived at Pookie's party, you have."

The kids loved the party, games, and food. But I think the parents appreciated the decorations the best. In retrospect, I would do all black balloons in the decorations. The silver balloons almost made it seem like a 25th wedding anniversary party.

After the party, I took Gabbers, Bun, and Ham to see the Princess and the Frog.  Bun and Ham were free since they're under six.  Gabbers was $2 and I was $4.  Pookie didn't want to go.  We tried really hard to convince him.  But he wanted to play with his new toys.  Danny stayed home with Pookie and the twins and cleaned up from the birthday carnage.  He even recorded the babies on camera.  But I can't figure out how to show that video.  My video button disappeared-- as did my spellcheck button.  hmm.  Anyways, Danny didn't want me to show it because it has him in a little portion.  But I thought it was cute to see the giggly babies.  Whatever.


Susan said...

Funnest birthday party ever!!! Glad to hear you survived it!

Leslie said...

That is an amazing party!!! I don't know how you think of all your ideas. As you know, my best party ever (the princess party last year) was a success because I copied all your ideas. So now I'm thinking - who can I do a star wars party for? Would it work for a turning-38 year old Troy?

Rach said...

GREAT party!! I have always benefitted from your parties. So fun!! I love the freeze tag, so funny.

happy birthday Pookie!!

Just SO said...

How fun! I don't even want to post about Jilli's party. Poor thing as the last child she's getting a bum rap.

Lisa said...

Whew, what a party! I am amazingly impressed. Like, blown-away kind of impressed. I would say it knocked my socks off, but I'm not wearing socks right now. But definitely in awe! An awesome mother, you are. hmm.

jenny said...

That looks like a great party. My boys would have really dug it. Too bad for them they just had their birthdays and I'm hoping we can be done with Star Wars by next year. :-)

Nikki said...

Oh Jenny! Pookie wanted to invite Ben and Mikey and I kept telling him we would. Then I was going to call you and just invite you over the phone. But I forgot. :( When we made our list, they were the very top. We'll have to have you over for a playdate. We still have decorations up. lol

Meghan said...

The party sounds fantastic. I love the idea of adding toys to a cake to make it whatever theme you want it to be. I can see doing that for a lot of different occasions.

jenny said...

I've been thinking about calling you, too, and just never get around to it. Got to do that soon!

wonder woman said...

My boys are the biggest star wars fans -- this sounds like a blast! My youngest turns 4 in May -- I think I'll bookmark this. Seriously. That's a lot of work, and it sounds like it paid off! Way to go, Mom!

Life with Littles said...

My son's 7th b-day is coming up and he LOVES STar Wars! Thanks for the ideas

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It's a good thing you don't do parties more often than you do. You REALLY do parties! Next spring American Festival Chorus is doing a "Star Wars" concert. So far Craig Jessop hasn't told us exactly what that means. Stay tuned!


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