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Planning your 4 year old's party- part 3 Games

When I plan a party for my child involving friends, I like to spread it out and start about 2 months in advance.  You can start anytime to plan your child's birthday party.  The earlier you start, the more time you have to gather ideas and information, supplies, gifts, etc.  If budget is going to be an issue, you may want to plan six months in advance.  Some things have to be ordered and waiting until a week before usually ends up in a sub-par party that costs too much.  Don't fall victim to procrastination-style parties.

As you read in part 1,  Brainstorm and pick a theme, pick a location, pick a date, we were picking between a polka dot party and a Sesame Street one.  Hammy chose polka dot for sure.

And you read about Goodie Bags in part 2.

Now we are ready to plan games!

For four year old's parties, I think of school carnival type games to get my thoughts flowing:

  • bean bag toss
  • a fishing game
  • pin the tail

and Kindergarten or Preschool type games like:

  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Farmer in the Dell
  • Wheelbarrow races (some might be too young)
  • balloon pop (may be too traumatic for little ones)
  • freeze dancing
  • musical chairs
I like to recall parties my children have been to and what they played, games from past birthday parties we've thrown, games from parties I attended when I was little (if my memory can assist).

Try not to be intimidated by online ideas with fanciful matching themes and bouncy castle birthday parties.

Your child will remember the fun time that went into planning and the fun they have with you and their friends and family.

Without further ado, Hammy's games will be:

  1. bean bag toss into big colorful circles-- the bean bags will be made out of dried beans or uncooked rice and the fabric will be from either polka dot scraps or brightly colored fabric scraps. 
  2. duck, duck, goose -- it's a circle game and kids love to play tag
  3. musical chairs -- I have birthday CD with songs I can pause and I can set the chairs up in a circle
  4. fishing game-- there's not really circles, but it's fun to fish and get a prize!
  5. freeze dancing-- will be back up game/time filler if necessary
That was easy, right?  Now all I need to do is create the bean bags with background and the fishing game.

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