Thursday, February 25, 2010

*Funny post title enticing you to click and read.*

You want to know what ticks me off today?  Of course you do.  That's why you subscribe to me.  So you can read my rants and the crazy things my children do.  It gives your life meaning, right? 

I took Gabbers to school and noticed the gas gauge on the van (which we now refer to as Brutus) was near empty.  Seeing as the Blue & Gold Banquet is tonight and the whole family is going, I figured I better fill it up so we'd make it downtown and back. 

I pulled into the gas station, swiped my card, selected the cheapest fuel, and started pumping gas. 

It barely got past one gallon and clicked off.  You know the click that tells you the tank is full and to please stop so you don't overflow and create panic thinking you're going to blow up or something as you drive away?  yeah.  It clicked.  So I squeezed it again to start and it clicked.  and clicked.  and clicked.  and continued this very annoying clicking until I got to almost 2 gallons at which point I pressed the button to talk to the attendant because I was beyond annoyed. 

Here I was standing in my pajamas using my card so I didn't have to go inside and now it seemed I would have to converse with someone and possibly run into someone I know while trying to fill Brutus. 

The attendant said, "How can I help you?"

"This pump keeps clicking off like it's full and it's not even two gallons yet."

"You need a receipt?"

"No.  The pump keeps clicking like it's done.  But it's not done."

"You don't need a receipt?"

"No.  I'm not done filling gas.  The pump keeps shutting off acting like the tank is full."

"I don't think I can hear you very well.  I'll come out there."

The man on the other side of the tank filling up his gas was chuckling.  He came over to show me how to pump gas and how to use the flip thing to hold it so I didn't have to stand there.  But seeing as I am a seasoned driver and twice the age I was when I first started pumping my own gas, I already tried that.  repeatedly.  and it clicked for him too.  over and over again.

I told him, "Thank you anyway.  It does this all the time."  And seriously, no exaggeration, it really does.

The lady came out and asked what I needed.  I repeated my plight.

She said, "Maybe the nozzle isn't in far enough."  She took the nozzle and repositioned it and started to pump gas.  And guess what happened? 

It clicked.  Are you surprised?  It clicked and clicked and clicked. 

And she had the gall to say, "I don't know why this is happening.  Why don't you pull back to that pump there and try?"

Really lady?  Nobody has ever complained?  Then I informed her, "This happens every time I pump gas at this gas station regardless of which pump I choose.  It'll probably just happen there too.  Could you please submit a complaint to let the people know that make these that there obviously is a problem?"

"Good idea," she said.  "I'll let my manager know."

Will she?  I hope so.  Because I plan on letting them know every time it happens to me.  I also plan on taking note of which pumps it happens on to see if there's a pattern.   

I filled up the tank in 1/4 cup increments until it got to 10 gallons.  Then I decided I was done standing there looking like a half-baked ninny with people wondering why I was trying to over fill it.  They could all hear the clicks.

The next item of business is my house.  It's no secret that my house is a constant clutter pile.  Today I decided to tackle it by first hanging up the hooks I bought for Gabbers room and the shelves for the boys room so we could organize better.  One set of the hooks are for hooded towels, bathrobe, jackets, and her backpack.  The other set of hooks is for dress-up clothes. 

The boys have an unnatural amount of books in their room.  So even though I would LOVE to have rain gutter book shelves like Kimberly of Raising Olives, I have to settle on individual shelves here and there until we find the resources for them.

After putting up the two sets of hooks in Gabbers room I decided to finally put the mobile above the babies' crib.  The mobile was on a container that was underneath their crib.  I pulled it out and discovered mold.

People, there is mold under my babies' crib.  The mold spans the entire width and length of the crib.  Is it any wonder we are constantly sick?  My stomach sank.  I felt sick about it.  How could I not think to Tilex my entire bedroom floor after the closet incident?

Hot Cheetos.  We're like this (imagine me crossing my fingers)  right now. 


Susie J. said...

1. What a cute shelf idea!! Unfortunately... my children own so many books that they tend to break REGULAR bookshelves, so it doesn't seem feasible. :(

2. I think I'd be calling the housing office and demanding they provide a different house. That's sooooo unhealthy.

3. Ew. They're all yours.

JoMamma said...

I would suggest that you climb back in bed and pull the covers over your head, but you probably have mold under your bed to. said...

oh that is so not cool!! I pray someone takes reasonable pity on your family and helps you get out of that home into a new one... without mold.

until them I pray God continues to protect you from the mold.

Julie said...

Dude, sorry that your day has sucked. Sometimes the click thing happens to me, too. It usually means that I have the nozzle too far in. Just a thought.

Lisa said...

Yep, your posts do bring meaning to my life. :)

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

I hate it when that happens when I'm trying to fill up our van. Err.

The gutter shelves don't hold a lot of books, so we switch them out every once and a while and store most of our books on more traditional shelves. (I honestly thought that they would hold more than they do, but was a little disappointed.) However, the kids are constantly reading/looking at the books on the gutter shelves and not the ones on the other shelves, hence the rotation. :)

Momza said...

You're so right about it being unhealthy!
Whom do we need to call/write??
Let us know!

Vickie said...

There was a full serve gas station in my town that did that to jip the customers!! if you ordered 20 they would start stopping and starting (manually with their hands at 12)


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