Monday, February 08, 2010

Death by Cheese

Sometimes I'm pretty sure the kids aren't paying attention while we're reading scriptures and having gospel lessons like during Family Home Evening.  Shocker I know.  I have felt inspired to have mini-Family Home Evenings throughout the week on occasion.  Mostly, in the evenings we have a hymn or Primary song (or three), scripture prayer, scriptures, family prayer (on our knees), and then our family cheer (I got that from you Ali.  1,2,3, We are a happy family!  Yeah!!) Occasionally, we have an extra discussion or activity related to what we're talking about in the scriptures and answer questions.  Well, we always try to answer questions-- but those times seem to prompt more questions.  But the nights when we are struggling to just make it through the scriptures and get them to bed, I am always surprised to find out later they were indeed listening.

A few weeks ago they were giggling about how we do not pray on top of towers with our arms outstretched to the heavens reciting the same prayer.  That causes giggles whenever they think about it. 

Once Pookie (who was maybe five years old and very upset about a discipline) told me to go to outer darkness.  Admittedly it hurt, but secretly I was pleased that he was listening to the lesson in FHE the previous Monday.

Anyways, just recently we read Alma Chapter 36.  It was one of those less-than-reverent gatherings.  I had to stop repeatedly to ask children if they remember how to be reverent, remind them where their bums go, have them put away other books that aren't scripture, stay in the family room, etc.  There was no question about it.  Nothing was sinking in.  Verse 18 ends with the phrase, "and am encircled about by the everlasting chains of death."  Pookie interrupted, "Daddy, what is the cheese of death?"

It's Family Home Evening night tonight.  Go see this site if you need some ideas for your own.   And may you be free from the cheese of death. 


JoMamma said...

That is to funny. I hear cheese related deaths are on the rise. haha

Leslie said...

I really should get back to shampooing the carpet. But I just had to come and check what was happening on your blog. The next time the Walmart checker eyes my coupons suspiciously, I'm going to have to resist the urge to swear her to outer darkness.

Lisa said...

:) :) :)

I'm not sure I would mind the cheese of death that much.

We've already had some mighty hilarious FHE's in our house. This was about a year ago. Nowadays, our lessons typically consist of ten or fifteen minutes of singing and dancing to primary music and about a 30 second lesson.

But you know what? I think that's what Heavenly Father wants us to do. The gospel isn't about straight-laced hour long discussion-heavy lessons, it's about living every day, and loving every moment, and striving every day to be like Christ. When our kids are little, learning one tiny bit of doctrine on a daily basis is key. Even if it is interlaced with hours upon hours of goofiness. So good for you, Nikki! and happy Monday FHE night!

Momza said...

HA! I love "the cheese of death"!!
So cute! Thanks for the reminder of FHE tonight. I gotta get my bahooey in gear!

A. said...

That is too cute! Kids say some of the most random things.

I too have noticed that lessons that seem unheard are often internalized more than I realize. It's definitely an encouragement to hear it outloud from them, even if it ends up coming out in the form of sending us to "outer darkness". lol

Nay said...

Classic! You just never know when they're listening! We do a good night cheer. The kids like it! I also just noticed the picture of you with your family, and you're hair looks cute!!


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