Friday, November 13, 2009

Which of the following was a lie?

Which of the following is a lie?

1. Danny said to Baby A (who yes has a name), "You are your own worst enemy." 6 votes

2. Nikki went to the doctor with visible homemade nursing pads showing through a stained white shirt that had multiple holes. 1 vote

3. There are 7 loads of clean laundry in my room waiting to be folded. 15 votes

The answer . . .

3. There were 8 loads. . . and 2 on the couch. Ahh, you guys can't be tricked.

And why is it, by the way, that only one person doubted number 2? Just what kind of a person do you think I am?

1. Baby A was flailing about and kept popping his pacifier out of his mouth and getting mad about it. Danny said that to him. I warned him should things like this be uttered from his mouth that they will be blogged.

2. Obviously I was sick if I was going to the doctor. At least I didn't leak through the shirt like my previous week's visit to the commissary. But oh, those embarrassing circles showed through and I didn't even know it until later. Nor did I notice the holes in the shirt until I got home. I did discover the stains while I was waiting in the office though. :P

3. I've been exhausted getting used to two new babies and all that goes with it. The laundry gets backed up into giant piles in no time at all. By the time that evening rolls around and children are all asleep and I'm done for the time pumping bre*stmilk, I just don't feel like doing laundry. So I watch episodes of Lost on Netflix. or I read blogs. I'm trying to moderate it a little though so I don't get overwhelmed.


A. said...

Oh yeah!!! You are a Losties!!! Are you recently getting into it, so having to catch up? Or just really enjoy it? lol

Julie V. said...

great sharing!


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