Tuesday, August 26, 2008

12 days in a nutshell

Dear Bloggity Friends,
I am sorry to have left you for so long. In the past 12 days I have:

fretted about my upcoming 10 year anniversary and how to celebrate it

accepted the size and bought new clothes for me :)

celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my kids and hubby

beaded about 2 dozen pairs of little girl socks

suffered from cramped hand because six pairs of the socks were done in one day

caught a mouse in a mouse trap and cried about being the cause of its death

read a lot of emails and blogs

played Pac-Man

bought a television and an XBOX (again)

saw Toy Story 388 times -- thanks Alli ;)

went school shopping for Pookie

made a bazillion dental appointments

sold my piano

took the kids swimming

went to the zoo

bought five pairs of shoes (for the kids)

order 25,000 beads -- 3,000 pony beads and about 22,000 tri-beads

and missed you all. :)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I wondered where you were! Now I know.

Glad you're back.

Amy said...

Oh how I've missed yoU!
Ok, here goes:

~ I have NOT accepted my size yet. But I am jealous that you have moved on to the clothes buying stage already.

~ Did you play pac-man on your new xbox or Time4Learning (I was so thrilled to find that on their site)? :)

~ So...what's the secret to NOT losing kids at the zoo?

~ Why did you sell your piano?! :( I so wish we were thousands of miles clsoer to each other. I definately would have bought it. Mine is still unfinished in the garage...same place it was a year ago.

~ So what did you in on teh tv and xbox? hehe

Tara said...

Welcom back!! So sad about selling your piano!! Hopefully you are making room for a newer, more awesome one :)
Happy Anniversary!!
hugs and kisses

Hall Family said...

So can I benefit from your hand cramping! Zoe loved your beaded socks so much tha I wondered if I can buy some from you! Let me know what a deformed hand is running for these days and you've got a deal!

Susan said...

Nikki! I'm so glad you're back. I was worried about you and was on the verge of emailing you again to see if you were alive!

JoMamma said...

Congratulations on 10 Years! Time goes by so quickly. I still think of us as a couple of crazy wanna be college students playing at the pool. Those were the days. Hard to believe that was over ten years ago. Now I'm feeling old.

I missed your posted, but welcome back.

FluffyChicky said...

What on earth are you going to do with 25000 beads?!

Happy anniversary! Awesome!

Glad you are alive. :)

crazy with 4, but I still want more said...

I was wondering where you ran off to, but I must say I haven't blogged in so long ALSO!! I just like to blogstalk and read everyone's VERY interesting life stories. I must say that having 4 and going out with all 4 hasn't happened yet. How you do all these fun activities...ZOO, swimming, dental appointments, school shopping, blah blah blah....that's AMAZING!! So darn right you should have a blog vacation. Anyways, i think I'm rambling...can't wait to see the new socks, and one day I can enjoy your HUGE tv with you.

The Schooley's said...

Holy beads Nikki!! I'll bet the socks look fabulous, and you are welcome for Toy Story.

mailman said...

I had to ask your mom what the rest of the story was on selling your piano. The keyboard is all and more! You scared my family!!!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Well, if you're going to do some stomach crunches, I'd better comment, huh? Enjoy this time. It's gone much too quickly.

MERRIANNE said...'ve been busy!

{i found your blog on the MormonMommyBlogs site...i am a "SAUCY MOM", too}

Haddorkus said...

I was starting to wonder what you were doing with all the free time from not blogging, I suppose you were doing other stuff. I just about gasped when I read about the piano but you do have another one or a keyboard or something if I remember right? I do remember when you had two pianos in your house.

I hope your hands don't turn into permanent beading claws.


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