Friday, March 05, 2010

Fleece Diaper Pockets Tutorial

Fleece diaper pockets are a frugal semi-crunchy mama’s dream.  They work much better than just a fleece liner because they won’t bunch up.  The fleece pulls the wetness inside the diaper and the baby feels dry longer. 

When changing the diaper, just pull the diaper and doubler out of the fleece and toss them all in the diaper pail together.  If it’s poopy, pull the diaper and doubler out and all you have to rinse is the fleece pocket.  A lightweight fleece pocket is so much easier to rinse than a big-ole poopy prefold.

Look for remnants of fleece to make these pockets.  I actually bought the fleece for $4.44 a yard at Wal-Mart and got 14 out of each yard.  With tax, it's still less than 30 cents a piece. 
Gather your supplies:  Fleece, measuring tape or ruler, scissors, diaper, cover, and doubler.
Lay your prefolded diaper on the fleece to get an idea of how big to sew the fleece diaper pocket.  Allow for an extra half inch around. 
12 inch by 15 and one-half inches folded
Cut a piece big enough to fold it in half sideways. ←→ Also make sure your stretch is ←this way→.  Fleece only stretches one direction.  This is very important that you make sure it goes sideways.  It is a hassle to try to stuff a fleece pocket when the stretch is going the other way.  I did that once and ended up chucking that pocket because it was so dang annoying.
sew along top and down one side (the not folded side)pretty simple
Sew a straight stitch along the top and down one side (not the folded side).
turn inside out
Turn right side out.
now stuff it 
Now stuff it.  mwahaha.  *ahem*
all stuffed
All stuffed.fleece pocket in prorap cover
Place stuffed fleece pocket in cover.  I prefer Proraps. 
put on Tater
Put on Tater, or whatever cute baby you have laying around your house. 
cloth diapered Tater
So comfy!  I think I might just . . . ahh! 
bummis wrap and 3 pockets
Spare fleece pockets and one already stuffed diaper, just in case.
If you like what you read here, follow me on my journey.  I’d love to have you along.  :)

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Leslie said...

great tutorial. For us non-cloth diapering moms, I would have been clueless as to what you were referring to without the photos and description. If we have another baby one day I'm looking forward to cloth diapering after learning so much from you about it.

Coupon Teacher said...

I love seeing your frugal baby ideas. Someday I will have a baby of my own to diaper!

Lisa said...

Y'know what I like about these? You could pick whatever fleece pattern you want. Pink for girls, with flowers on it, or white so you could bleach it if you needed to, or hunter orange like you did here. So cool!

A. said...

Intersting. Here I thought you were going to be making something more like the actuall pocket diapers (no covers necessary). But this is really ingenius! Have you seen these on the market, or did you just come up with it one day. Love it!

Nikki said...


I came across a site like three years ago or so when I was searching for fleece liners and fleece covers. What I like about these is that you can use them with flat diapers or prefolds and doublers. Just fold the diaper how you normally would, and slide it into the pocket. It stays put and keeps baby dry. I really like the combination with the proraps as well because the leg gussets help with the bulk.

Nikki said...

And what's great about fleece is you don't have to do a hem on the end. It won't fray! But make sure the stretch is going the right way.

Laureena said...

When I made my cloth diapers, I made fitted ones (the size was simply adjusted by rolling tops) and used snappies to hold closed. I used wraps (Bummies whisper wraps) over the top. When I used prefolds, I did the angle wings fold or the twist and secured with snappies (again covered by wraps). Your version seems more simple. Much less time! How does this method compare when dealing with explosive contents? My little guy had LOTS of explosive diapers, and I was constantly trying to come up with ways to keep it contained and off the wraps!

Upstatemomof3 said...

What a cool idea!! I have fleece liners for my diapers but it never occured to me to make them pockets. That is way easier. PLUS, I think I Hubby would have really liked that. He complains a lot about how much of a pain my liners are. Huh!! Thanks!!

Nikki said...


The best thing I've found for blow-outs are Proraps covers. As you can see in the pictures I use both Bummer Super Whisper Wraps and Proraps. The Proraps win hands-down. The gusseted legs keep everything contained. Sure the explosions get on the cover, but it keeps it off clothes and furniture.

I think the name of the fold I use for the boys is newspaper or something. I'll look it up and probably demonstrate it in my next diapering Q & A. I also use a doubler.

UpstateMomof3- I think I mentioned that I used to use fleece liners. My hubby would sometimes forget them. Or if we did use them, they would oftentimes bunch up or scoot to the side not doing what they were supposed to anyway. Fleece pockets prevent the need to dunk the actual prefold or flat fold diaper.

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

I love this! These little homemade tutorials you post are the best. I especially love the homemade nursing pad tutorial (that was you, right? :)) I am going to have to try that. I should get started on it!

Nikki said...

11th Heaven-

I forgot that I linked up that old nursing pad tutorial. It wasn't much of a tutorial. lol But they are super easy to make.

Melessa said...

Before you see my constant hits to this post and fear you have a stalker, I just wanted to thank you for posting it. I bookmarked this well over a year ago and just last week my 13 year-old and I pulled out the sewing machine and all the fleece remnants I've bought and made about 10 of these. Easy, fun, and VERY useful for my two year-old. Thanks!

Nikki said...

Melessa- I don't mind you stalking me. At least I know what kind of stalker you are. :P

I'm so glad you made some! I shudder when I think of all the days I had to dunk the actual prefold.

Now with three in diapers I need to make a few more. I cringe at the thought of putting a diaper on a baby without a fleece pocket. What if they poop???