Friday, February 12, 2010

Tilex. How I love thee . . .

I'm convinced our home is making us sick. I called the housing office and complained of mold saying my kids have been sick from Halloween through now with brief breaks of non-sickness (yes, they're sick again-- the three under three have ear infections and need breathing treatments as well). 

So the maintenance people came out, took a look, and said, "Oh, this isn't mold. It's just mildew."  Well, I guess the definition of mold and mildew differ from person to person.  Regardless, they wouldn't do anything about it.  I was hoping they'd move us into a bigger "mildew-free" home on their dime.  He said, "You just gotta wipe it.  Like this."  And then he demonstrated how to wipe away "mildew."  It's about time after nearly 15 years of adulthood, 11 1/2 years of marriage, and 8 years of parenthood, someone taught me how to wipe. 

I've been Tilex-ing everything in sight since.  If they're tearing down this house later this year, I'm not too worried about if Tilex will ruin the 60 years of paint around the windows. 

On a happier (less sarcastic) note:

I keep meaning to look for children's art classes in the area.  My Gabbers shows promise.  (I'm her mother. I can say that.)  She drew this picture a few years ago of a "Happy Slug."  She could draw for hours and hours if given the opportunity.

Happy Slugs don't agree with you?  Go read about a slug that did not bring happiness.  Click here.

The picture contained in this post is sole property of the Gabbers. All rights reserved. Anyone that dare take this picture and claim it as their own is a sicko.


A. said...

You're kidding! Did you tell themhow you are always wiping and that's not normal? Geesh. How irritating.
It seems like you've tried these things before, but I couldn't help but think of you with this article .
(as for the ear infections, I've gotta tell you.. I can't rave about garlic ear oil enough. We've warded off a number of them by using it at onset. That and cutting out all dairy, sugar, and citrus.)

A. said...

oops - meant to say that we cut those diestary things out just while they had infections.

Momza said...

ahh mildew...I haven't seen it since living out west, but remember it well when we lived in more humid states.
Tilex was a necessity!
Hope your babies are well soon. That is no fun.

ps love the slug!

jenny said...

hey - i saw you driving in town today and tried to stalk you by going to walmart then to do my shopping because i thought that's where you'd be heading. however, i didn't see you, so my stalking attempt failed. i'm sorry the kiddos are sick. hope they feel better soon!

by the way, have i ever told you how i've heard the locals around here call the place the valley of sickness? it's not your house - it's the locale!

Leslie said...

Ah, the wiping technique. Perhaps that's what I'm lacking in my rental pit.

I love G's slug photo. I think my girlies have promise, too. It must be a genetic thing on our side of the family (seriously, I can say that since I'm related and all).Em and Anna draw the most fascinating pictures, too.One of these days I'll post the pics they draw of me, usually consisting of people with very large heads and lots of squiggles and circles all over the head for my hair. The upside is that the body is usually quite slim and stickish.

Kim said...

Did he not look around your house and see 6 little bottoms that you have wiped? How annoying. I hope everything gets better. If you have mildew that bad in the house, what about the carpet? That is usually the first thing to cause problems.

Julie V. said...

Well, there is a difference between mildew and nasty black mold that makes people very ill. the recent Family Circle magazine has cool tips on getting rid of mildew. I usually use Clorox clean-up to kill tit, but the magazine recommends : "Make a paste with plant-based castile soap with baking soda. Then scrub the paste into tile grout. Rinse with hot water. To kill mold and mildew spores left behind, dip a thin sponge paintbrush into distilled white vinegar and apply to the grout."
I'm sure this method will work around windows, and other areas where mildew forms. They also recommend a product called R-Teez tile grout cleaning sponge (available at

Good luck with the ear-infections and all ...your Pookie and Gabbers are probably just brining home every germ they contact at school and church. Tough.

Julie V. said...

I just read a little more of the Family Circle article (march 2010) says "Banish mold from bathroom tile, walls or the ceiling with this one-two cleaning punch: Wipe distilled white vinegar onto the mold with a sponge. Wait 15 minutes and repeat, letting the vinegar work its magic overnight. The following day, sponge hydrogen peroxide on the affected area to eliminate any traces of the stain and to prevent the mold from returning."