Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do as I'm doing. Follow, follow me.

I am not always patient. Ask Danny. Or my Mom. Or my duplex neighbor. In fact, this post, was a rarity. But I am learning to count my blessings. I often ask myself, "What does this child need?" I have found that by meeting their physical needs of a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise, then I can see clearly what else they need (without pulling my hair out). I remind myself CONSTANTLY the whole day through, that we learn best from example. My children learn more from what they see me do and hear me say than from what I instruct them to do.

They learn that we brush and floss our teeth after meals by observing me do this.

They learn how to handle their anger by watching how I do it.

They learn the importance of washing their hands by seeing me make it a priority.

They learn how to be reverent by watching me be reverent. (So I don't peek during prayers anymore to see if they are peeking.)

They learn to save their money by watching me save my money. "Why can't I buy the big bag of candy?"

They get excited about things that I get excited about.

Pookie has demonstrated a need to have the yellow blanket when he's sick. Even though he has his own special blanket, he thinks the yellow blanket will heal him.

They want to use the computer a lot if they see me using it a lot. hmm...

They learn to write the letters and numbers and even hold their pencils by watching me do it. This doesn't mean by watching me when I'm teaching them. But rather watching me when I'm writing notes or to-do lists or anytime else. "Mommy, your two looks fancy. How come I can't make my numbers fancy?"

They quickly kneel down for family prayer if I kneel down first.

They are learning how to discipline their children by how I discipline them.

They're watching and waiting. My every move is recorded in their minds. I am Mommy.

Updated note: I need to add that they learn the importance of these things and more by watching. But they do need to be taught many of them initially, and repeatedly for that matter.


Haddorkus said...

Excellent. I love the Nikki mommy course. This one and the last post are good stuff. Even if they are a little mushy. he he

I think the thing that helps calm me the most in crazy kid situations is thinking, "this will make a great post."

Cynthia said...

what a nice post and I love the new pictures of the kids!

Marcy said...

Great post. So. So. True.

Amy said...

Thank you for the reminder. It's sooo true. I've definately had to curb some of my idiosencrecies lately due to my very copy cat 4 year old, who has a copy cat of her own.

By the way, I had a good chuckle from the "peeking during prayer" comment. I still peek, but it's not to see if they are peeking...it's to see who is throwing food on the floor or crawling across the table to get to it. (Skylar - who doesn't understand yet to wait until prayer is over for eating). That or if we are haivng somethign extra special that night and they wait for our eyes to close to sneak some. :)

OHANA said...

Ok, so can I get that in poster form, so I can put that on my wall....and remind myself that I AM THE EXAMPLE. Great post, I need help in reminding myself more.

jvjw said...

The whole example thing is kind of scary sometimes isn't it? It works almost too well while they are little...but not well enough when they hit the teens...beware, but don't get discouraged.