Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Conference kits with journals for Oct. 2014

I'm getting a jump-start on conference kits for this upcoming October General Conference because I'm sharing the concept tonight at Relief Society.  

(There may have been four or five kids that asked if they could eat the sample kit when I bring it back.  And Hammy lamented that conference was still 3 1/2 weeks away.)
All kits have coloring pages from from past Friend magazines.

These conference kits will have snacks without food-dye to keep the hyperactivity at a minimum.  These treats are something they rarely get, with the exception of the granola bar, and they'll be excited about them.  

Those interested will have the conference bingo and Cheerios for markers.  I've added pipe cleaners so they can make a Cheerios bracelet if they so please.

Each kit will have a pack of new crayons for the oldest six kids.  And the little girls will get 8 crayons (since they think it's fun to snap them in half if they feel they have extras).
I decided to add a quote to the front of the composition book and cover them with paper (if the child prefers that).  The oldest four kids will have journals.  
If I can get my printer to cooperate, I'm going to print out more tabs to add throughout the journal.


JoMamma said...

When conference starts I will wish I had made these. We will see if I am able to get my life together and make something awesome like this.

Nikki said...

JoAnn-- They're super easy. I usually just pick up some treats that my kids only have once in a while. The bingo sheets I made several years ago and laminated. But I only have 4. Every conference I print some out and intend to laminate. They don't last in my house if not laminated. I'm going to make some new ones and laminated with my heavier duty 5 mil laminating pouches.

And the crayons and composition books were at the Back-to-School sales. I buy dozens and dozens of notebooks and crayons and other school supplies and squirrel them away until I need them.

I tend to think of Goodie bag items when putting together conference kits for kids.

Start simple and if you have time to laminate or put quotes or whatever, then branch out. :)


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