Saturday, April 06, 2013

Conference Kits for Kids

I just put together 7 conference kits for the kids. Biscuit isn't ready for one.

The three oldest kids have a conference packet from that basically allows space next to each speaker's name and picture for them to take notes. They also have a sheet of conference squares (like bingo).

The next three kids (Hammy and the twins) have conference squares and they have conference coloring sheets-- also from Peach just has conference squares.

Each child gets new crayons in their kit. The oldest four get a new box of 24 crayons. The twins and Peach get 8 new crayons. (If they get more, they just snap them in half and/or throw them.)

Each kit has a new pencil with eraser, a bag of yogurt raisins as a special treat, bingo markers (Easter candy on sale)-- a rare treat, a magnifying glass (for fun), and a couple Despicable Me 2 band aids (also for fun).

I think they'll be surprised. :)


Lisa said...

Nikki, you amaze me. We just turned on all the TVs to conference and ask the kids to tell us a word or two they heard at the end. Tomorrow we might have to play a game of conference bingo. :)

Nikki said...

Lisa-- Don't be too impressed. This is my first year making conference kits. It was fun. Next conference no sugar or food dyes.

Rach said...

Loved the KITS! loved them!


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