Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bedrest = Boredom = online shopping & internet reading

Dearest Nikki and Danny blog readers,

I have been surfing the world wide web.  I was reading the 34 weeks update on Baby Center this morning-- because today I have reached 34 weeks!

There was a link about Placenta Previa. It was most distressing talking about how mothers with Placenta Previa are at high risk for hemmorhaging after their c-section because of the uterus not being able to contract down like it needs to. It also talked about women that had prior c-sections, or twins, or several pregnancies, AND placenta previa being at risk for placenta accreta-- which is a deeply implanted placenta that doesn't separate like it should at birth. This increases the risk of MULTIPLE blood transfusions and oftentimes a hysterectomy. I don't want a hysterectomy! I was quite nervous when it mentioned MULTIPLE blood transfusions being needed-- but when I read the hysterectomy part I REALLY became worried.

So then I promised myself to NOT read the internet mumbo-jumbo anymore and just ask my doctor about it. 

But I grew more and more worried as the day wore on and I was just stuck here on bedrest with my thoughts.  So I decided I'd look up reputable-ish sites like Mayo Clinic and WebMD.  But they concur.

The good news?  My blood pressure feels like it may be a normal level today instead of freakishly low. 

Other good news?  I have bought nearly all the children's Christmas presents through the local online yard sale page.  =D

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Laurie said...

Christmas presents in July. 😂😂😂


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