Friday, May 11, 2012

This is how I decided to use my second trimester energy tonight.

I borrowed the Hoover SteamVac Carpet cleaner from the maintenance office on base to clean my living room carpet.  Every now and then I can't live with the oatmeal with raisins look of my carpet and must return it to its pure oatmeal state.

I moved the furniture out of the living room with the help of Pookie and Gabbers.  I vacuumed approximately 12 times to be sure that any loose dirt, crumbs, debris wouldn't be found in it and turned to mud by the carpet cleaner.

I borrowed two movies from my neighbor and set my kids up on the school computer to watch them.  They thought it was awesome to watch a movie on the computer while sitting on the couches in the dining room.

Then I proceeded to try to figure out this machine that was leaking all over my dining room floor.  There were no instructions.  It didn't seem so user friendly without instructions.

The children were begging for popcorn or some sort of food.  It was past dinnertime after all.  So being the health-conscious momma I like to think I am, I made them green smoothies (orange juice, fresh spinach, and frozen banana) and served it to them with a side of microwave popcorn and called it dinner. 

Then I looked up the instructions, familiarized myself with the carpet cleaner, and was ready to begin.

By then the movie was ending.  *sigh*

But I ushered them to bed, even though the twins STILL kept sneaking out to see what the excitement is, and I began to shampoo the carpet. 

It didn't seem to be working very well.  I could still see all the spots I was going over and the carpet seemed to be soaking wet-- even though I was following the instructions to a "T."  So I checked the recovery tank that holds the dirty solution.  NOT HARDLY A TABLESPOON OF GROSSNESS was in it. 

So I've been on my hands and knees with my trusty little green bissell trying to suction it all back out of the carpet before it's ruined forever.  Good thing I only got through like an eighth of the living room. 

By the way, it's difficult to crawl around with the little green machine at 24 weeks pregnant trying to suction back up all the liquid I thought WAS being sucked up.
Maybe if it were my first baby and I wasn't overweight to begin with.  But this is my eighth and well, you saw the pics in the last post.


Randy Merrill said...

We just used that cleaner a couple of weeks ago if you want some help!

Nikki said...

It stinks and is broken. I think I figured out the place. But I will be calling you tomorrow to see if you have any good ideas on it. :P

freckles and rouge. said...

Yeah, I was just about to say the same thing as Randy. We've used it too, and it leaked for us. Turns out we didn't have it clipped in all the way. Let me know if you need us, too.

Nikki said...

Kara- I figured out last night that it wasn't fully clipped in all the way. Then it finally had suction. Unfortunately it's not as good as my little machine. But overall, I think the carpet looks better than it did. :)

tina said...

My boys love "Popeye Power" Smoothies. What a great way to get their vitamins from veggies that they wouldn't eat otherwise! We've done smoothies for dinner along with popcorn or chicken nuggets before. Makes me feel better about the chicken nugget eating. Works for me!

Nikki said...

Tina- It makes me feel better to know that someone else has served such a dinner. haha! And it really does give them a full serving of vegetables and 1 1/2 to 2 servings of fruit each. How awesome is that in one meal?!

Julie V. said...

Probably not a good idea to be moving furniture and cleaning carpets at this stage of your pregnancy! You doing OK???

Nikki said...

I wasn't lifting furniture as much as pushing it. My pregnancy is going quite well. I think it's possibly the easiest one so far.


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