Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taking Danny to our secret park

Peach and her tongue (she's cutting molars)
Hammy and Gabbers love to swing! 

Bun and his new sling shot

Squdge in a tree

This is our favorite park.  My friend said once, "[This park] is the secret nugget of parks in [this town]." Except of course, she used the park name and the city name. :P

It's true. It has picnic tables, benches, a bathroom, shade, terrific climbing trees, playground equipment, and NO ONE is ever there. Why? I can't figure it out. But we're not telling. It's the perfect place to chat with my friend and let our kids play for hours.

Tater, Peach, and some preggo chunk

I did tell Danny though about it.  Danny came home for an unexpected visit between training and deployment.  We took him to this park last Saturday after running errands.  I intended to get pictures of him with the kids, but somehow he ended up holding the camera.

Pookie talking about how some of his army men are camouflaged by the wood chips

Peach checking out the camera up close

Twin buddies on a slide (Squdge on left, Tater on right)

Me, Peach, and Pookie


freckles and rouge. said...

Now I'm curious where this park is...

Nikki said...

Kara- Since you told me your secret, I'll tell you mine. But not here. ;)

Julie V. said...

fun memories and photos


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