Thursday, January 12, 2012

Help! I'm stuck in Pinterest-land!

I can't seem to break away from Pinterest and I have things to do tomorrow.  But I can't seem to stop making new categories!

I want to:

make pillow mattresses for my little guys,
sew tutus for the girls,
find an old Shel Silverstein book and frame poems for the unborn baby,
take a dinner to a new mother,
organize my gift wrap supplies,
make stuffed bell peppers for the unborn baby ;),
bake cream cheese chocolate chip cookies that are egg-free,
sew bibs,
make vacation t-shirts,

Must. Stop. Pinning.  I can be crafty tomorrow.  Now I must sleep.  I'm going.  I'm logging off.  really.


Lisa said...

Tee hee.. I love your "visiting teaching" category. :)

Just SO said...

Love Pintrest! I love the fact that even though right now I have zero amount of gumption to actually do anything with what I'm pinning I'll know right were to find the ideas when the fancy strikes me :)

Sara said...

If/when you do the framed poems you should post pictures here! I'm toying with the idea myself, I'd have to find an old book of his poems though, and I might feel bad taking it apart to frame the pages. Maybe photocopies are in order?

FluffyChicky said... more thing for me to get sucked into...first it was the blogging, then it was FB, and now there is this to tempt me. :)

Laurie Fifield said...

OK, time to stop this pinning and blog again, I miss you!

Gaffey Productions said...

Oh I actually see where you coming from: too many ideas and only 24 hours in the day ;)

Mike and Jen said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys! You are certainly a super mom!


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