Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three good reasons not to wash towels with clothes

I know you've been wondering why it's not good to wash your towels with your clothing. 

1.  Towels are made of a heavy-duty material that when tumbling or agitating together with clothing will wear it [the clothing] out.

2.  If they are kitchen towels, they are likely VERY dirty/germy.  Bathroom towels can also be very dirty.  You want to wash your towels on hot/cold.  That means hot wash and cold rinse. 

  • Most clothing should be washed on cold/cold or warm/cold.  (We're not talking dry clean types and gentle cycle types.)
  • White clothing-- like underwear and undershirts and white socks worn close to the body should be washed on hot/cold to get the stink out.
  •  It's best to wash similar fabrics together.  As pointed out in number one, they are of very different materials, and I don't want them wearing out my clothing prematurely from a couple towels that didn't want to wait for a full load.
3.  You should not use fabric softener with your towels (kitchen or bathroom).  It decreases their absorbency.  Towels need to be absorbent.  Have you ever visited somewhere that used fabric softener with their towels and you didn't feel like the towel actually dried you off?  Maybe you felt like it smeared the water all over your body?  Have you ever had that happen at a hotel?  No?  That's because they don't use fabric softener with their towels.

So the third point really is, don't wash your towels with your clothes because you want to use fabric softener with your clothes so you can kiss static cling good-bye.  and so you smell like a fresh spring field.

Teach your children young.  and it will always be ingrained in them-- and they can one day post about it to pass on their wisdom.  ;)

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