Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Party Invitations-- part 4 of our series

It's time to buy or make invitations for the much-anticipated Hammy turning 4 birthday party.

Determine the number of guests that need an invitation.  Four in our case.

Our children can invite as many friends as the year they are turning.  We made an exception for the last big party we had (when Pookie turned 8) because of their policy of handing out invitations at public school and not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. 

Hammy is turning four so he gets to invite four (non-related) friends.  Siblings are automatically included (cousins would be too if we lived near them).

We've chosen our theme:  Polkadots.  Since we will be hand-delivering invitations we aren't worried about special costs for mailing off-size envelopes.  So we're making polka dot invitations-- big, happy, bright circles!

"Circle" the date and don't be late-- or something cute and appealing to the 4 year old crowd.

The most important part is having the date, time, and place clear on the invitation.  And I personally wouldn't put a TON of work into them because if these children receiving them are like mine, they'll want to carry it around until that date. 

Try to get your verbal invitation out at least two weeks in advance and the physical (paper) invite out at least a week before.  If you're not going to get a verbal invitation out, just send the card out 2 weeks prior to the party.  That gives your guests plenty of time to prepare for the date and get a gift if they choose.

If you haven't finished putting together your goodie bags or game prep, do that this week as well.  You want to save the week of the party for cleaning your house and decorations and cake.

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