Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today, for about half an hour, I entertained the thought of going back to school. 

And then in a matter of 90 seconds, screaming Baby Girl declared her discomfort, three children in the middle of their history lessons decided it was run-wild-like-crazy-monkeys-time because Mommy was on the phone, one twin was asleep in his high-chair and the other was trying to break free from his.

I even mentioned to the representative from the University that I was talking to how I might only be able to do one class every few months or so. 

She seemed so confident in my ability to do it more regularly.
I even called Danny and we chatted about it for a few minutes on his lunch break. 

Then I saw the six books I'm reading this week, 2 that are on Sensory Processing Disorder, and remembered my current commitments:

Homeschool the 3rd grader and take him to Occupational Therapy appointments.  weekly.  without extra children in tow.  Take him to scouts weekly.

Homeschool the 1st grader, and get her swim lessons,

and homeschool the Kindergartener,

and the three Preschoolers, and take them all on the homeschool field trips and park dates.

Start couponing, diapers are going to be the death of me.

Learn to knit hats.

Plan menus again and fill that freezer.  You're now a family of NINE.  Leftovers are nigh unto non-existent.

And while I organized all these things in my head, I had to say out loud, (after getting off the phone of course),

You may not sit on the piano.
Don't let the baby suck on your unwashed hands even if she does seem to like it.
Who's a poop?  Is that a poop I smell?
Please put a size 4, a size 5, and a Baby Girl size diaper and the orange wipes container on the couch.
Hurry!  Hurry fast to the bathroom and you'll get a Tootsie Pop!
Please bring me one of the twins for a change.
It doesn't matter- whichever one you can catch first!
Yes, a Tootsie Pop!  No, not for a potty.  No negotiating.  You don't have time to negotiate just RUN!
I think my plate is full right now.  It was a nice thought though.


Noelle said...

Have I mentioned recently that you AMAZE me???

Lisa said...

I am laughing. I'm not laughing because it is funny, but because of the mental image of what must be going on in your house. And I'm laughing because I am amazed that you're able to keep up with it all!

Lisa Loo said...

I'm going to go take a nap for you now.....cuz I'm just that nice...


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