Monday, February 07, 2011

"Do you think because I'm on the phone you're not going to get in trouble for that?"

My sister, Leslie, is 16 months and three days older than me.  She was a pretty good sister growing up.  I only have a few unhappy memories of her.  Like when she got mad at me (I was probably 12) and she kicked me out of our room.  She scooped up all the clothing that was hanging in my side of the closet and dumped it on the closet floor declaring our separation.

Anyhow, I love my sister-- as I do my two other sisters.  I talk to Leslie on the phone once or twice a week.  I probably talk just as much on the phone to my youngest sister Rachel, but not to Erin.

Erin is busy.  Think of my busiest day ever that I've posted on my blog, add a little caffeine to it, and half a dozen checklists more, and that's Erin's day.  every day.  But she is like the aerobics/photographer/scrapbooking/crafty/more-awesome- than-Martha Stewart- type of person.  every day.  really.  So I don't get to talk to her much.

This post is about Leslie.  Today isn't her birthday or anything.  I was just thinking about calling her. But I have already had it up to my eyeballs with little people naughtiness today.

And for some reason, whenever I talk to Leslie, my kids go into uber-naughty mode.

When I talk to anyone else on the phone, my kids interrupt me like half a dozen times.  per kid.

Some of the time I walk away from the kids while they're interrupting me and I'm gesturing wildly at them that I'm on the phone! and giving them the threatening eyes.  That doesn't work.  They gesture back to me as if to portray to me with charades what it is they're asking me.  All this of course happens whether or not Danny is home.

But not when I talk to Leslie.  When I talk to Leslie on the phone, they're programmed to do all the naughty things they ever wanted to do.  So she hears at least once per phone conversation,

 "Do you think because I'm on the phone you're not going to get in trouble for that?"

My solution?  I try to act like I'm talking to someone else.  anyone else.  But they're smart little people.  And they're on to me.


Rach said...

That's HILARIOUS!! So true....its because when you talk to a sister...the conversation is USUALLY long & that's when the kids get into Trouble. SO so true.

Lisa said...

Kids are way too smart for their own good. And I hear you on both the interruptive state and the super-naughty state. In our house we call it destructo-mode. The times that you find the kids unrolling the toilet paper into the toilet, then as you mop up toilet water, you hear them dropping cheerios all over the floor, and as you sweep up the cheerios, you discover that it wasn't just cheerios--it was grape juice too... and then after that gets cleaned up you find them happily sitting in their rooms throwing the turtle's sand all over the place... yes, those times are the worst. :)

s said...

That's so funny!

Cheeseboy said...

I am a Human Development major and I have no reasoning behind that behavior. Time to go back to school and study child/parent phone behavior.

Noelle said...

I saw your sister Erin at the rec center tonight. She was lifting weights...hard core. I think half the guys in there were watching/scared of her. I read her blog and I get overwhelmed. Actually, I feel that way about you and Leslie too. You ladies amaze me!!!

Teachinfourth said...

Let the beatings begin says I!

Nikki said...

Noelle- Any woman who goes to the rec center when they're pregnant is the queen! Kudos to you!

Teachinfourth- LOL! Oh the memories that brings back.

Nikki said...

P.S. I didn't mean for it to sound like Rachel and Leslie aren't busy. They most certainly are! It's just Erin's kind of busy-ness is usually away from the home.

tina said...

What is it with kids and moms on the phone? Seriously, it's like there's an internal magnet that when the phone rings, it draws the children near and they cling to each leg like we're all going down in titanic. Sheesh, people - a little space and quiet would be helpful. Phew! Ok, just had to get that out. My kids do the same thing.

I, too, think that all the Calabio sisters are crazy and fantastic all at the same time. Leslie is my friend that I love to brag about how good she is at this and that! :0)

Leslie said...

Awww, you sure know how to make a sister smile. I love when you call and we get to talk! And you are right about Erin- I think she is definitely the busiest and I don't know how she does it all and still has a Pottery Barn looking house + usually clean, has time to go work out, and run a business! Of course, I don't know how you or Rachel do it with your 7 (and her 5) adorable & super smart kids and do all the amazing home school stuff, are so giving to your friends, have time to call me (since I'm a bad caller), and still be crafty and cool! I'm totally the underachiever these days, lol. That's why I have to post just about every and anything I make or do, so people just think I'm busy. ;)

p.s. phone-naughtyitis-whatcanIdowhileMomisbusy is an epidemic these days. Even my 12 year old catches it at the slightest ringing sound.I'm working on inventing a cure but it probably won't happen until the kids are 30.

Leslie said...

p.s. I think your new blog template is VERY cute! But yes, I do think the font seems smaller than last time though it doesn't bother me to read it.

Tina - you make me laugh! I love having you as a friend. Though, since you went and deserted us Washingtonians life just hasn't been the same.


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