Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kiddie Kwip #65

Hammy (3 1/2 years):  Where's Bun?

Nikki:  Bun had to take a nap. 

Hammy:  Why?

Nikki:  It's naptime.  You can take a nap too.

Hammy:  Why I need to take a nap?

Nikki:  It helps you be happy and calm.

Hammy:  Why?

Nikki:  So you're not crazy and naughty.

Hammy:  How 'bout I just say "sorry?"

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Cynthia said...

Snicker! That is hilarious! Smart little guy you've got there.

My youngest sister recently found out she's expecting twins! I get to have baby twins again but don't actually have to be the Mom this time! Woot! I hope she has 2 boys as cute as your little twin boys!

Julie V. said...

laughed out loud! Hammy is a charmer.


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