Thursday, June 17, 2010

Say what??

"From now on, whoever asks me permission to do anything while I'm wiping my butt, the answer will be NO."

I never would've guessed that when I gave birth to my first child 8 1/2 years ago, that this would be one of the things I'd hear come out of my mouth.

Tell me something you've said recently that you never thought you'd say.


Noelle said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

I just got married a few months ago and I never thought I would say the words, "my husband"...kind of boring probably.

Happy Thursday!

The Leake's are everywhere said...

I want to pee in peace!Completely humiliating.
Are you the mother? My mom used to ask me this question when I was bossing my brothers and sisters around. I swore I would never ask my daughter that not it doesn't feel like I go for more than 2 days without saying it.

Nikki said...

Noelle- Congrats on your wedding! My sister Leslie told me about it. I remember the first time I said, "My husband" as well. That's great!

Nina- LOL! I've said "I want to pee in peace!" as well. I haven't said "Are you the mother?" It's more "You are NOT the mom."


Lisa said...

I never imagined I'd be jumping up and down, totally ecstatic, screaming, "YOU DID IT! YOU'RE THE BEST KID IN THE WORLD! YOU WENT POOP!"

But I have. :)

I also never thought I would say:
"I gave you a sippy cup of water ten seconds ago... why do you insist on drinking the bathwater?"
"If you must run around outside stark naked, please stay within our own back yard."
a mere twenty minutes after leaving the kids with a babysitter... "Are we done with this date yet? Because I'm missing the kids."

Cheeseboy said...

Excellent rule of thumb, or hand.

Rach said...

Ok, when I read the first comment from Noelle, I read it wrong. I thought it said, "my husband, kinda boring.." hahahah & I laughed & laughed when I realized she wasn't referring to a boring husband. OK that was long. I love that toilet talk comment...we have recently started shutting our doors when we pee. yeah for us.

And with Leslie's comment, I've been saying the "are you the mom?" also. kinda crazy. I find myself saying "please do NOT toot on me!" a few times lately.

Anonymous said...

"No, you CANNOT poop in the backyard. You need to go poop inside. In the toilet"
Said to my 6yo Autistic daughter. And it makes no difference LOL. She still does it ;)

Julie said...

Had to answer "No" when TWO of my kids asked if it was okay to fart on their brother or sister.

I once asked my son to stop smearing tuna fish between his toes.

Last week I chided my two year old: "Please don't hit your brother on the head with a hammer."

Said to the goat: "Get out of the fridge!"

"Who pooped on the floor?"

Oh, the list goes on and on and on...


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