Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If the poo fits . . .

Bun came in from playing at the playground to tattle on Pookie and we had this exchange:

"Mommy, Pookie took my bike and I wanted to use it!"

"Oh, I'm sorry he took your bike.  Do you want to ride your scooter instead?"  I suggested.

"No.  I want to ride my bike not my scooter," he insisted.

Me detecting something not-so-fresh, "Bun, did you have an accident?"

*shifty eyes*

"Mommy, before I answer that, I have a question."

"Oh?" knowing full-well now what the answer is.

"If I did poop in my pants, would I be done?" (meaning done for the day playing outside).

HAHAHAHA!  little stinker.

I give him points for cleverness.

I made him clean it all up by himself so he could go back out and play.


Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! That is too funny! If I pooped my pants, I think I would be self-imposed "done".

JoMamma said...

Kids are way to smart. That is so cute.

Lisa said...

haha! Poop is so much funnier when you're a thousand miles from it. :)


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