Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If you take a nap, I will give you TWO Otter Pops.

Today is the perfect day for the Otter Pop bribe to work.  It even worked on my 8 year old Pookie here.
This little girl has a fever of 102 and said, "I'm going to nap because I'm sick."
This guy?  MAJOR sweet tooth.  Like his Mama.  I hardly got the offer out of my mouth when his head hit the pillow.
This one here is Hammy.  You can't tell?  It's because he tunnels to go to sleep.  And now as I type this I realize that I didn't remove the pillow from his head after taking the pic.  Be right back. 
These two?  No Otter Pops for them.

I do not believe in giving my babies refined sugar.  If you do believe in giving your babies refined sugar, that's completely up to you.  And if you do it in front of me, I will be silently judging you.  

The only refined sugar they get is in their Tylenol.  They're sick too. 

The reason they're naked (now it's your turn to judge me) is because we have had bad luck with bottles today.  I think the leprechauns loosened the rings right before feeding time. Poor Squdge there (on the right) has had two and a half baths today.  The half was in the kitchen sink.
Random?  I think not.  At 82 degrees I feel the need to eat Luigi's Real Italian Ice in lemon flavor.  YUM.  And I wanted to show a random pic of my house (a small part of it) so you could relate to me better.  Feeling related?  Okay. 

Let us dissect the picture-- because if you're like me, you click on the picture and take in all the details. 

Shall we? 

First of all, let's look inside the window. 

The spoon in the empty cup signifies that my sink is full of dirty dishes because the dishwasher is full of clean dishes.  The cup hasn't been rinsed out yet to go in the recycling.  The cup is empty because I snorkulated the contents in under five minutes.

The rubberband.  Why is there a random blue rubberband in my window sill?  Because a certain Pookie was zapping people in the rear-end and the rubberhand had to go to time out.  If I were the mean old mommy that I sometimes am (when I have more energy), I would've thrown it away.  Instead it's there to taunt him because there still is a bit of mean old mommy in me today. 

The empty glass.  I drink a lot of water.  I do not like washing 8 to 10 glasses just for me every day.  So I leave my glass up on the window sill for a whole day at a time.  Sometimes it even has a little water in it while sitting there.  Not today.  It got too hot.  bleck.

There are water spots on my window.  Be grateful you don't have to look at the mold that is often growing on this window.  I bleach the guts out of it at least weekly.  Actually, I Tilex it.

Outside the window there are weeds in my flower garden.  Lots and lots of weeds.  I don't want to talk about that.

The blue truck.  Beautiful.  Shiny.  Always Clean.  These people have no children.  They have a clean truck

The green grass.  mwahaha.  I don't live in the Frozen North anymore.

Okay, all done with the randomness.  I think Luigi's calling my name again.  Ciao.


Momza said...

A nap sounds so good right now...and it's 6:22pm. What I'm craving is bedtime. But alas, I am off to teach Activity Day Girls.
It was almost 70o here today...tomorrow the forecast is definitely warmer than today...and Friday? well, it's supposed to Snow all day long.
How's that for schizophrenic weather?
Your babies are adorable.
The blue truck?--it may not know dirt, but it doesn't know the happiness of hauling the most precious things on the planet either--children...even if they are mess-making-fools like mine.
Okay, I'm done.

Lisa said...

I love the dissection of the picture. I don't wash my water cups either until they've had two or three uses...or more...many more... I think your flower bed is pretty. Mine has more weeds. hands down.

JoMamma said...

I love that you got four of your kids to nap. Thanks for the heads up that you are judging me as my kids eat sugar. :) What about when I eat sugar?

Nikki said...

JoAnn- I'm talking babies. I want to smack someone in the head when I see their 7 month old sucking on a candy cane or I see them feeding their 4 month old ice cream. I mean, seriously?!

Ermm. I hope you're not doing that. ;)

And I am the biggest sugar-eater around. I'm trying to stop. honestly.

jenny said...

Thanks for breaking down the feeding baby sugar thing. I'm pretty sure my boys had some sugar before they turned a year, but not until probably after 9 months when they could walk and they did NOT have candy. Nice to know I'm not on the "really bad mommy" side of your judging. :-)

A. said...

I'm so with you on the water glass. I know my hubby and anyone visiting must think I'm gross, but by the end of the day you can tell that some little "Gremlins" have shared my cup because it's al filmy on the outside with fingerprints. Every time I pass by my cup I fill it up and drink. Of course, if I know a gremlin has been sneaking sips I dump the remaining water first to at least avoid any possible floaties. See? Not completely gross, right? lol

Oh, and I about died laughing at your comment on the shiney blue truck. bwahahahaha...they have no children so they have a clean truck!! So true!

Julie V. said...

Love this post...."Bribes" translate in my vocab to "rewards". How come you always have a sick kid or two or three...!??I'm going to have to try out the frozen treat (I have a secret stash of those yummy frozen lemonade fruit bars)


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