Saturday, December 05, 2009

Daisies. mostly.

Third from the left is my little girl Gabbers just moments before becoming an "Official" Daisy Girl Scout.  She was freezing because for some reason we had the ceremony outside (instead of inside) on the shady side of the building where it's always cold -- and she was wearing shorts.  But I'm not complaining.  Seriously.  It's probably fifty degrees warmer here than in the Frozen North.  This was taken November 10th. 

Gabbers loves going to Daisies every Tuesday.  But I quite honestly question what exactly it is we are paying for.  Is it the coloring at the beginning?  Is it the tacky foam craft she brings home each week?  Or is it the two minutes they spend talking about a flower garden.  I actually thought they'd be doing something.  Every week I fight the urge to volunteer myself to be in charge.  "If you want it done right do it yourself," comes to mind.  Then I tell myself, "Pshaw.  Just bead your socks and ignore what's going on.  You don't need more on your plate."  Speaking of beaded socks, I thought it would be a fun idea to bead yellow and blue socks for the Daisies for Christmas.  But as I was finishing a pair of socks for my niece Klai, half the girls came over to see what I was doing and expressed which colors they liked.  I found myself writing down all their sock sizes and specific color choices.  Then I found myself COMMITTED to actually doing it. 

Then I got home and thought, hmmm, I need to email Denay again and get her address since she won one of my contests a looooooooong time ago and I haven't mailed the socks to her daughter yet.  Oh yes, and my cousin Amy.  I need to make sure her address is current too and mail her socks that have been sitting here waiting to be packaged up.  Oh yeah, and then I also need to mail my sister Leslie's stocking hanger I got her last Christmas.  Wow, I always get behind on mailing stuff.  Hmm.  I better get working on Christmas letters and cards too.   And then I start thinking about chocolate and then it's time to pump again.  Then I find myself sitting at the computer reading blogs, unable to comment since I'm pumping at the same time and forget all about the stuff that needs to be mailed.

Where was I?  Oh Daisies.  Gabbers loves it.  She enjoys the social atmosphere and the girl time with me.  Sometimes Bun comes along because there's always snack at the end-- which incidentally is provided by the girls each taking turns.  In January they get to sell Girl Scout cookies.  That I am excited about.  I love Thin Mints.

P.S.  Denay and Amy, please email me your current addresses.  I will write a note on my forehead to mail you your socks BEFORE the year's end.


Lisa said...

Your list sounds like mine. Although I don't have the pumping or 6 children excuse.

Yes, Sara is engaged, getting married Dec 29. You'll have to look over her blog, although I posted about it also back in October when Eric proposed. I think my mom put up a post also, but I can't remember. We're sure excited for her!

A. said...

You have socks for me? Wow - it must have been a long time since I don't remember this. haha

I so wanted my girls in Somehting LIke Girl Scouts too, especially k since she's our social bee. But after looking into it, the only one that really sounded good to me was American Heritage Girls. Christian Girls Scouts (not actualy a part of girl scouts)! So they do service project, memory verses, etc.. That seemed more like the "doing something" I was interested in. Maybe they have somethign similar around you that would work for your family? Even our church has their own program called Pioneer girls which runs the same way, but it doesn't start until 1st grade.

Too fun! If you lived near me I'd totally buy Gabbers cookies!

Nay said...

And the list goes on and on, right? Don't worry too much about our sock right now! But I'll e-mail you our address. I'm a big fan of GS, its all about giving girls the confidence that they can succeed in world. So even though they don't seem to be doing much, they're still learning and having fun. All a girl needs is a great leader!!


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