Friday, February 12, 2010

If I Twittered, this is what it might look like.

If I Twittered, this is what it might look like.  And I say "might" because I don't really know much about Twitter.  Nor do I want to.  A blog addiction is bad enough.

This was my phone call to Danny right before he came home from work yesterday and if I Twittered, I'd likely post it:
Poop!  I don't know how!  Everywhere!  My shirt.  The BACK OF MY SHIRT.  MY pants.  Muhh!  COME HOME NOW!  bleck.


sara@augustfields said...

nikki...i'm sorry but i'm totally laughing because i hear you sister.....sometimes we have poopy days.....literally! ick! :) :)

Julie V. said...

I remember the good old days - had one of my sweet little babies explode all over me in Relief Society!
Cute twitter bird, by the way.

Momza said...

Okay, I fess up--I ave a twitter account. But I don't twit. or tweet. I can't sum up my thoughts in 140 characters or less!

Leslie said...

does sewage in my tub count as a poopy day, ha ha?! HOpe all the poopy came out of your clothes and off the little ones.

Nikki said...

Mom W. -- eek. I am sure glad that hasn't happened to me in public, yet. I did have a baby wet out in Relief Society a month or so ago. I ended up stripping him down and putting him back in his carseat, alfresco. But he didn't get it on me.