Friday, January 29, 2010

Beading, blogging, and brea.stfeeding (pumping anyway). I am Woman. alternate title: MORE WINNERS!

Guess what?  I cannot begin to describe to you how thrilled I am when someone I esteem as a totally awesome inspirational blogger comments on my blog, let alone subscribes or follows little ole me.  *sigh* I could die happy.  Truly, it makes my day.  Now, ahem, Kim, don't go unsubscribing just yet.  k?

Now that I've done my happy dance, and am seriously still grinning, I'm going to give out a pair of Valentine socks to the 3 runner-up commenters.  Because I like runners-up.  runner-ups.  those that run-up.  Okay, now that's just getting weird.  Moving along now...

So, if you want your Valentine socks to you before Valentine's Day, would the following three people please email me at FrozenWonderland(at)Yahoo(dot)com with your mailing address.

That Girl (Maybe boy #4 will actually turn out to be That Girl's girl #1)

Yeah for more winners! 


That Girl said...

NO WAY!!!!!

I win I win I win! Or ... I ran up to those who won ... or something ....

Pretty sure it's a boy. But he won't care if he wears Valentine's socks. ;o)

I'm Erin said...

I should've won. Dang it.

oh, and did you know there's a dot on your breast?

Nikki said...


Lol. I'm tempted to remove your comment for writing that word. But you know I love comments. I write all "sensitive" words with a dot somewhere in it so perverts won't come across my blog when surfing the net for certain things.


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