Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wash your hands! USE SOAP this time!

I have said yelled that down the hall approximately 1500 times in the last week.  Less than 48 hours after writing this post, Gabbers and Hammy came down with pink eye.  When I took them to the doctor he asked Gabbers, "Do your ears hurt?"  She said, "What?"  And he repeated, "Do your ears hurt?"  She said, "No."  He said, "Because you have a severe double ear infection."  Then he checked Hammy and he did as well -- with emphasis on the severe

It makes me feel a little guilty about this past week when I thought Gabbers was ignoring me multiple times.  lol  She just couldn't hear. 

Then within two days of that, Squdge and I came down with pink eye too.  One more day and Q. Mouse had it.  Bun joined in on the fun with an ear infection too. Just one ear for him though. phew!  It has been an itchy eye-goopy week with lots of screaming and toddler torture.  Okay, mostly just Hammy with the screaming and torture.  And the most fun of all, the antibiotics are causing diarrhea.  Sometimes I think I should invest in Kimberley-Clark stock, what with all the nose and tushie wiping that's been going on.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  And I've asked that Santa bring us a year supply of good health and sleep-filled nights.

Merry Christmas to you!  I'll be back in 2010. 

P.S.  That's not me.  That's my sister who just visited.  And she has a good excuse to be passed out like that.  ;)


Leslie said...

crazy! Cra-a-zy!!!! I can' believe the rotten luck you have with germs and all their buddies. Hang in there. Hopefully Santa will fill all your stockings with lots of antibodies, lol.

Lisa said...

And I've been whining about my two-week cough and cold...I'm so sorry Nikki. I really hope you and all your beautiful kids get better, and that you stay that way.

Marcy said...

Merry Christmas Nikki! I hope you get lots of rest and fun! Wishing you all super-de-duper good health for the new year.

A. said...

How awful! Hopefully it's all just peaking and you'll all be better soon. I can't believe the run you've had. :(

By the way, Does Rachel know you have her picture up? hee hee

I'm Erin said...

No stinkin' way...dang. I hope you all get better soon. And Rachel looks sacked out because of the bun in the oven.

JoMamma said...

I'm sorry to hear your family is sick again. When I read the title of your post I thought about how many times I've told Kai that he needs to use soap. I tell him if he does not use soap the germs are just playing in the water.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sandy said...

Breastmilk is AMAZING on pink eye. And not irritating like that awful goop. Just a thought. =)

Tara said...

I am so sorry that everyone has been sick. I hope Christmas was good with everyone in sort of good health. I saw your sweet dad at Macey's the other day. It was good to say hi to him.
Keep up the good work and good spirits. You are a really great mom!

Nay said...

Merry Christmas Nikki! You have such a positive attitude for all the little bugs that keep popping up! I wish you a healthy 2010! You're a trooper and a good mommy!!

Rach said...

Ok so that's what I get for checking the blog 3 days late. Goodness.....that stinker Jase has to take sleeping pictures of me. how horrible. but very funny!!

hope all feels better.
Merry late Christmas

Julie V. said...

Things have GOT to be better for the new year! Work on getting the kids to keep their hands away from their face - LOTS of nasty viruses are passed by wiping our eyes, nose etc....just touching the face. We all pray that everyone gets well real soon! Love ya!


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