Thursday, December 10, 2009

no picture. good reason.

Tonight my baby sister Rachel is coming to visit with her adoring hubby and their four adorable children.  And I don't just say that cuz they're my nieces and nephews.  Really, they should be in pictures.  Anyhow, not the point of my post.

Yesterday the plan was to clean my house.  Once upon a time, when my third child was just a newborn, I was able to get my house company-ready within 15 minutes.  I was a devoted FlyLady follower.  I did the routines.  I found great joy in the maintaining of a clean home.  But that was also when all three of those children napped for at least two hours every single day. 

Now I have six kids and a pinch of sanity left.  I have learned to lower my standards- so to say.  And yesterday, ah yesterday, child #4, the two year old, a.k.a. Hammy, a.k.a. The Destroyer, would NOT sleep.  And you know what else?  My mom doesn't want me to send him to her.  *sigh*

So, at one point I decided to clean up my bathroom floors.  I have been neglectful of the bathroom floors for some time.  But whenever we have company, they get a good mopping-- especially around the base of the toilets. 

As I was getting up close and personal with the outside of the toilet bowl and the floor, my hair kept falling in my face.  I had it originally pulled up in a claw clip.  But it's very long now, waist-length to be exact, and quite thick.  An unsuspecting claw clip is no match for my head of hair.  I was annoyed.  irritated.  I didn't want Lemon Pine-Sol scented hair.  I didn't want toilet bowl soaked hair.  I decided to put it in a tight bun at the nape of my neck. 

I pulled off my yellow rubber gloves, took the claw clip out of my hair, and brushed it out.  This resulted in great gobs of hair stuck in my brush and falling all over the bathroom floor.  (These things seem to happen 3 months post-partum with me.)  Still, there was a more than adequate amount of hair still on my head (more than enough for a few people I'd guess).  I smoothed my hair back into a bun and then started to clean up the hair that was in the sink, on the counter, and on the floor.  I swept it up and then cleaned out the broom.

I readied myself to continue the cleaning by pulling on my yellow gloves and pouring a fresh bowl of Pine-Sol.  I squeezed out the washcloth and used it to clean the floor.  Then I had to pull hair out of the washcloth as I was trying to rinse it in the newly cleaned sink.  I was so irritated!  My hair was ruining my life!  All the ways that my hair inconveniences me and ruins my life came to mind.

At the very fastest, I can shampoo and condition my hair in 15 minutes.  That is the fastest.  And then I have to use like a third of the bottle of conditioner.  As I rinse my hair I have to pull tons of it out of my fingers as it's coming loose and make sure it doesn't go down the drain and cause quite the clog.

In the laundry, the hair gets stuck in the washing machine right inside the door in this little rubber lip thing.  It gets clogged and doesn't work so well.

It gets stuck in the vacuum because it's so long and wraps tightly around the beater bar.

If I don't have time to do my hair, (and let's be honest, I don't have time) it usually ends up in a very untidy claw clip or a bun-- looking oh-so matronly.  Even to church.

What is the point to this never ending post?  I chopped it off today.  Fourteen inches.  By myself.  And it looks it. 


I'm Erin said...

Your hair! your one beauty...

what line is that from.

ha ha...well good riddance I say.

Nikki said...

Little Women. hahaha! And Danny even knew what it was from.

Tara said...

I bet it looks fabulous!! I love hair. You can cut it, grow it, dye it, pull it up, leave it down, cut it cute, and it always grows back and is forgiving (over time). Way to go!! Locks of love will love you

Nay said...

WOW! Good for you! Travis would have a heart attack if I did that. Anyway, you should treat yourself and go somewhere to have it styled properly (since you implied it might not be so good). You could ask around in the ward for someone that cuts hair at home, you might be able to go late at night between feedings and when kids are sleeping. Thats what I do. Anyway, I'm sure it is a huge weight off! I do want to see a picture :-)

Cynthia said...

Woah! I think you did the right thing but you know you've got to post pictures now!

A. said...

I would never be brave enough to do it myself. How did you get it even?
I'm thankful for your post though. Your hair sounds like my hair. I try growing it out and once it hits a certain length I feel like I have some large creature living on my head. It's heavy, to thick to do anything cute with it, and no one even knows how long it is because I live in a pony tail. Oh, and the 3-months post partum thing kills me too. It's like you've lost a whole head of hair, but then you look in the mirror only to see that nothing looks different. Bleck!
I'm sure you look great! Post a pic!

Mrs. Morty said...

did you save it!? My sisters kids donate hair to locks of love on occasion.. they could really use your hair :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I did the same thing after I had my twins, only a professional did it and it was an accident. He told me "meg ryan" and he meant "sharon stone." it was a sad year .

But I"m sure you're rockin' the look!

Pop said...

Did you remember to take before and after pictures of your new buzz? Anyway, I'm sure the little ones there at Pookieville will have lots to say about your new hairstyle. As Mr. Spock would say, "live long and prosper!" Have a great visit with Rachel and her family.

Bebe said...

Good for you! I cut 8 inches off mine before a trip to Europe last spring. It was the best thing I ever did! Now the only problem is the increased frequency of trims to keep it up.

BTW--I'm glad you got a laugh out of my recent blog post about the biscuits in a tube!

Nikki said...

Yes, that is what I love about hair. It grows back. And how did you know I am donating it to Locks of Love? I've got it in a plastic ziploc bag on the fridge (with a super strong magnet) waiting to be mailed.

And to everyone wanting a pic, I'm still thinking about it. I've had terrible acne since the babies were born. I may cover my face and take a pic. But here's a hint to what it looks like. Bun came up to me yesterday and said, "Mommy, sometimes I think you look like Darth Vader."

But I had a couple people at the elementary school Christmas program tell me it looked cute. lol It's totally hacked and uneven. All I did was straighten it so I didn't look like a scary troll doll.

Ticklemedana said...

short hair is the best when you don't have time to do it..let it grow a bit or just have someone even it out. That's's always good to have a change!


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