Friday, February 20, 2009

cellphone = puke

Dear People that call me,

My cellphone stinks. I'm not talking about the plan-- though it's not a very good plan, but decent for this area. No, the actual phone stinks. I can hardly handle talking on it. I've just come to realize the stench of it this week. And everytime someone calls me on it, I almost vomit.

Please call the house.


Buddy said...

Don't you just hate how random things make you want to puke, especially during the first trimester. You know, like you can't stand the smell of your shampoo anymore, but you just stocked your year supply with it cause it was on a screaming sale. yeah, hate that.

Also, I am very excited for your move. I love CA, and would move there if I had the chance. Just for your info. we have some very nice military bases right here in So. AZ, you are always welcome here. :)

Good luck with all the bad smells.

Tara said...

oops, meant to post that last comment under my name, not my hubby's.

Rach said...

hahaha that is so funny, odd but funny. I understand I have had phones that stink and don't like to talk on it. ABout Pookieville: I am thinking you should call it pookie gabs about buns & Ham!! hahahahhahah

Bebe said...

Hey, multiplied pregger pukiness is a weird thing. For months there were two TV commercials that set me off. One was for vinyl flooring. The opera music in the background sent me retching to the bathroom. The other was for a food commercial. I was certain that I could smell that brocolli and sausage through the TV. I still hate vinyl flooring and opera music!

Piglet de' Erin said...

hahahaha...I totally forgot a crazy story until I read your post. Right after I had ruby...I am talkin right after the after birth came out, I pulled out my cell so I could call people and then I had to move on the table and the phone dropped right between my legs! ewww...there was after birth goo all over it and in all the numbers...THAT STINKS!hahahahahaha

Mike and Jen said...

Hilarious! seroiusly these babes are getting rid of all my favorite things for ya!

lvs2dance said...

You are so funny! I remember that you can't stand strange things (smells) when you are prego. Also, I did think that it was funny that Tara's hubby would put xoxoxo at the end of one of his made me laugh, glad that Tara clarified things!


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