Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What's gooey on the inside and crusty on the outside?

My Pookie is in first grade now and attends public school. Sometimes it is hard for him to remember to eat his sandwich first. He regularly asks for peanut butter and Aunty Leslie's peach jam sandwich, milk, and raisins. If I pack goldfish, fruit snacks, or juice, he neglects his sandwich. So I tell him if he eats his lunch he can have special snacks after school. He asks me every day if I wrote a note for him to read in his lunch. Usually I take a page out of my planner and carefully write a note using D'nealian-- the type of handwriting he is learning in school. It usually says:

Dear Pookie,

I hope you are having fun today at school learning new things. I know you will remember your rules and good manners in the classroom and at recess. I will pick you up at 3:15 p.m. Be good.


Today I took the opportunity to capitalize on his ability to read and his enjoyment of rhymes and riddles to brainwash him into eating the sandwich first.

Dear Pookie,

Today for lunch before you munch, you first must solve a riddle.
The thing to eat, is not a treat. Eat the food with jam in the middle.
It has isosceles triangles. There’s two of them—a pair.
And one more clue I have for you, these two things make a square.

The liquid you will be drinking is not juice – so you know,
The chemical symbol for your drink is actually H2O.
It falls from the sky, when weather’s dry and gives our plants a drink,
You wash your hands and dishes too, and your body when you stink.

One more snack, that I did pack, are packed in a little red box,
They are chewy and small and help you grow tall, they do not taste like rocks.
They don’t need to stay cold. I keep them on top of the place the keeps cold foods good.
California is printed right on the box. Eat them last-- as I said that you should.

I will come to your school when you are all through with your day of learning and fun.
I can’t wait to see, which boy waits for me, it’s you my first born son!



Leslie said...

Okay, I think I need to go back to school to be able to write cute riddles like that one. How fun! I'm glad he likes the jam. I just made pear jam yesterday and I'd give you some if you lived a few hundred or thousand miles closer.

Smockity Frocks said...

WOW! You should work for Hallmark. They could start a new line of lunchbox cards and you'd be famous!

Tynel said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with your rhyming skills and even more impressed that your son can understand and read that! You are a super mom!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a cute riddle poem Nikki. Let us know if he gets it!

crazy with 4, but I still want more said...

Ok I don't know what is more amazing, your ability to rhyme about his lunch and even add in chemical symbols....the fact that your 1st grader can read your note!!! How inspiring!!

Renee' H said...

You are really amazing. I want you to pack my son's lunch with a great note like that. I think I lack some of the brains that lets a mom put that together on the fly. Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful, and not so wonderful, parts of your life. They put a smile on my face.

jenny said...

That is so adorable. You sure are creative, and I bet your kids love it!

The Leake's are everywhere said...

My Goodness that is impressive. I am sure that M would appreciate a note in her lunch, she also forgets to eat her sandwich first. T just forgets to eat. Thanks for the great idea.
Have a great day

Jerusha said...

I don't know about his school but Alexa only gets 15 minutes for lunch--considering the length of that soo cute riddle he may not get time eat it.

Shelly and Chris said...

I loved the poem. You are so clever and great. Thank you for sharing.

The Schooley's said...

Ok, so I've decided that you need to lend me you brain. Just for a little while!! Please????

JoMamma said...

I've got to remember this so I can be creative when Kai starts to read.

Very cool parenting.

Tara said...

You are too cool!! I just put notes that say, "Have a good day" for my son. I guess I better get a little more creative.
Such a great idea, and you really should work for Hallmark, I would buy your cards!
Hugs and kisses


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