Wednesday, April 09, 2008

#18-35 Tribute to Mom

18. You taught me how to type. When I had to take keyboarding in high school, I was ahead of the game.
19. Thank you for teaching me to write thank you notes.
20. Thank you for teaching me through your own example the desire to learn and keep on learning.
21. Thank you for telling me I needed deoderant when I was nine. I'm glad you weren't one of those moms who doesn't want to hurt their child's feelings and lets them go to school stinky to get teased by others.
22. And thanks for buying me deoderant and showing me how to use it. Which by the way, my first deoderant was a roll-on. You said, "Leave your arms up so it can dry or they'll get stuck." I thought they would become permanently glued. I thought that for a loooooooooong time. I don't use roll-on anymore.
23. Thank you for teaching me to brush and floss twice a day. Thank you for also teaching me to brush my whole mouth, not just my teeth.
24. Thank you for teaching me how to stand up for myself with complete calm, control, and firmness. This has empowered me several times throughout my life.
25. Thank you for teaching me how to pay tithing and showing me through your faithful obedience to this, the blessings it has.
26. Thank you for being there when Pookie was born. I knew in that moment holding my newborn child a greater love for you and Dad and for Danny and a glimpse of the joy Heavenly Father feels.
27. You came all the way to California to take care of Pookie and Danny when I was hospitalized for 5 weeks pregnant with Gabbers. Thank you.
28. Thank you for driving all the way to the Frozen North when I was pregnant with Bun to take care of Pookie and Gabbers and Danny.
29. Thank you for having me when you were 29.
30. Thank you for telling me when I was 20 that I wasn't a teenager anymore and I could now be a calm mature adult. It was like I had permission. Thank you.
31. Thank you for making my wedding dress.
32. Thank you for making my pageant dresses.
33. Thank you for teaching me how to make scrunchies.
34. Thank you for teaching me how to bake-- my visiting teaching sisters thank you too.
35. Thank you for teaching me to be on time.

Did she turn 35?

... to be continued


Richelle said...

What a sweet tribute.
I think my first deodorant was roll-on too. :)

Abbey said...

This is so thoughtful. I might just have to copy it for my moms birthday. It sounds like you have a wonderful mom.

SuperCoolMom said...

I love all these little things that you've been taught by your Mom! All those little things add up to so much!

jvjw said...

Some day your kids will be thinking along similar lines about what a great Mom you are. So special for you to put it in print now for your Mom.


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