Thursday, January 24, 2008

Frugal Friday-- Saving Cereal Bags

My Frugal Fridays tip this week is to save your cereal bags. Shake out all the crumbs and flatten the bag to save it. A good place to save a pile of bags is in an empty cereal box.

You can open it all up or leave it as is for your needs. Here in Pookieville we use these bags in place of wax paper. Although, I probably wouldn't bake a pumpkin roll on them. I freeze Grandma Kahn's Perfect Pie Crust in them. When it's time to roll out the pie crust, I use them then as well to roll it on. I've cooled caramel popcorn on them. I've also cooled granola on them. mmm... granola.

I have also frozen brownie bites, muffins, and cookies in them.

And on occasion when I use disposable diapers, I've thrown a particularly stinky diaper away in one and put it in the kitchen trash so I didn't have to brave the 10 foot walk to the trash can in the bitter cold. Wrapped in the cereal bag it blocks the smell a lot better than a grocery plastic bag from somewhere like Ooh-Mart.
I am ALWAYS on the lookout for more ways to recycle things and be frugal. I would love some more frugal tips. What do you do in your home that's frugal?


Lura said...

I do this too! I did it at Christmas to separate my cookies in tins. Good tip!

Mom2fur said...

I like to use them for coating chicken with breadcrumbs! Kinda like a 'shake-and-bake' bag!

Nikki said...

lura & mom2fur--
great tips! I will incorporate these as well. Thanks!

jennwa said...

That is a great idea. I will need to start doing that. Thanks.

Vickie said...

Wow I never thought of such thing! Great idea!

Thanks so much Nikki for visiting today and leaving your commment. I love great tips and appreciate yours too!

Amy said...

I can not believe how creative and frugal you are. You are amazing!

I can't think of anythign that I do. I must be too frivolous. lol The only thing I can think of, and it's not much, is that I wrap all my books and boxes for shipping in paper grocery bags (instead of buying shipping boxes or wrapping paper). Oh, I also buy yogurt that comes with a lid (not just foil topped) and reuse the container for cold dry snacks ont he go.

Marcy said...

Thanks for the tip!


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