Friday, September 07, 2007

A big weekend ahead of us.

Today is Friday, and it's a good thing it is. Any other day with the next few days ahead of us would freak me out to the point of serious procrastination. Not that I'm procrastinating by blogging right now.

Tomorrow is Northern Neighbors Day. It's the air show that the base puts on once a year and is open to the public and Canadians. I love the yearly air show because it conjurs found memories of my dad taking us to air shows as young children. AND Danny has been voluntold to help out there for several hours.

Tomorrow is also our temple day where we drive two hours to the closest LDS temple. On the day before temple day I vacuum out the van, stock the diaper bag, put the playpen and DVD players in the van, and make sandwiches and prepare drink bottles for the drive.

Tomorrow is also Saturday. On Saturdays I bake two loaves of bread. Eight slices of one loaf is for the congregation's sacrament and then the rest of that loaf and the other loaf is for our family for the coming week. But this Sunday we won't be attending our ward (LDS congregation) because we will be driving 8 hours to a clinic in Minnesota to the nearest pediatric ophthalmologist for appointments for Pookie and Ham. So, tomorrow I have to bake the bread and drop it off at another ward-member's home so they can take it to church on Sunday.

The most stressful part of all is hoping we did the authorizations right for our appointments so we don't find out a month from now that we owe $1000. Oh, and there's the hope that our lemon of a van makes it to Minnesota and back without incident.

Now if you'll just excuse me for the next week, I'm going to be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. But I promise to do at least 40 sit-ups a day while I'm gone.


HotMama said...

Wow! Good luck with all that. Homemade bread is a serious treat in our house (love that Rhodes dough though.)

lizbit said...

Good luck! Makes my week feel a lot less busy. I hope your temple trip is rejuvenating enough to get you to Minnesota and back . . .

WesternWarmth said...

I'm LDS too. I've been to your site before but somehow never noticed. I like your situps for comments idea. As soon as I have this baby maybe I should institute it!

HotMama said...

The Family Fun Van is a service by the United Way here in our area. they go around to schools/parks in a Van and do story time for preschoolers. They usually read a book, do an activity, an art project, have a snack, and give out a FREE Book to every kid - very cool. I love books and anything free!


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