Sunday, September 02, 2007

Five things I'm sure you REALLY wanted to know about me.

1. I bake the bread for our congregation's sacrament every week.

2. I love pajamas (to the point of buying them at least yearly).

3. I have an astigmatism.

4. I have 200 lbs. of rolled oats in my pantry.

5. I've finally figured out that it's easier to cloth diaper two than just one. With two in cloth diapers, I have enough to provide a load in a little over a day (like a day and one-eighth). So I don't have to rinse and wring out or soak diapers to prevent serious stink. I just shake out any solid poop into the toilet and toss them in the drypail with the wet ones. One day does not a bunch of stink make. No more dried out chapped hands from rinsing, dunking, wringing. No more unwashed diapers hanging dry all over the bathroom. Aaaah! Everyday I am reminded of how much money I'm saving and how many diapers are NOT going to the landfill.

I am tagging Cristtin (Haddorkus) and Kimm (Life with Littles) and Gurrbonzo.


renee' said...

This is the year that I am going to learn to make bread. For my b-day, my grandma is going to share her recipe for bread, cinnamon rolls and rolls. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
As for diapers, I always wanted to go cloth, but the hubby didn't want to. I should've.

gurrbonzo said...

That's it. You are truly WonderWoman. You bake the sacrament bread, have 200 lbs of oats and are the cloth diaper queen. You're killing me.

gurrbonzo said...

Come on Nikki, 5 more sit ups for good measure. You can do it.

Susan said...

Your killing me Nikki! Is there anything you can't do!

Toni said...

Good for you for using cloth diapers! I did for a time with my second but gave them up when he was almost 2 and nothing seemed to contain the leaks anymore.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Haddorkus said...

I did finally manage to find something better than diapers and cloth diapers. We did a very short foray into cloth. Its called making my kids grow up and then potty training them. Its is the best. We are almost two years now of no diapers. The only drawback, would of course be that Carter is still not through the night but he can take care of the pull-up in the morning himself. I remember your bread, so good. If I could bake like that, maybe I actually would turn the oven on for something more than pizza. What's tagging?

Kimm said...

you can do 5 more for me since sitting up is not in my vocabulary. It's more like rolling over for me these days:)

By the way. It's no fair tagging a pregnant woman when she can't run but I will amuse you.

Nikki said...

You are tagged to list 5 things on your blog that your readers may not know about you.


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