Friday, August 10, 2007


It was a beautiful evening in our family room. We were all winding down from a lovely summer day. Danny was sitting on the couch reading to Pookie and G both on his lap.

I was nursing Ham while crocheting a leper bandage and reading the base newspaper.

Bun was quietly walking around picking up toys and playing with them and then putting them away. or so we thought.

Nothing could emphasize the minute size of my kitchen like a gallon of distilled white vinegar all over the floor and a gleeful Bun dancing and splashing about in it-- as if it were irrigation water. Apparently one gallon equals one inch deep in our kitchen. Now our house smells like we've been dying Easter eggs and Danny's hands and feet are all pickled.


Kimm said...

That's funny. Atleast your floor is clean now:)

Myfriendconnie said...

I laughed at this and remembered when my son dumped out a full bag of sugar so he could "ice skate".

OHANA said...

that is so funny, that just happened to me a few days ago. I had Shae on the counter in his feeding chair, I went into the other room, the girls came yelling at me. I went back to the kitchen and shae had knocked over the gallon of vinegar off the counter and all over the floor. Yes it still smells like it. So funny that that happened to you too!!


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