Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Irrigation Team

Left to right- Papa (my dad) holding Bun, cousin Henry, cousin George holding a prize bug collection, G, and Pookie's head behind the garden wall.

Bun in soggy irrigated shorts. I love how huge his head looks from this angle. Pookie in the background.

Cousin Henry and G playing in the water as it comes down the steps into the yard.

The kids love when it's irrigation time! They help Papa in the garden and yard when the water comes pouring in. G enjoys it the most-- even though the water is freezing cold. She will play in it from start to finish without taking a break. These pictures were from a couple weeks ago when the cousins were still here visiting.


OHANA said...

the kids are so cute!! I miss irrigation fun too.

piglet26 said...

wow those pictures are absolutely excellent...I think I will have to find out who the photographer is and then have her take pictures for me...hehehehe

Cynthia said...

I love watching the kids play in water and kick it around. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

DakRat said...

Yep, it's fun to play in irrigation water as a kid while you are still too young to realize what's IN the water you're wading in and splashing all over.

Pop said...

Yep, the little ones were very helpful with the water turn. I think it was an instinctive thing that they just started splashing around in the yard when the irrigation water came flowing.


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