Thursday, March 01, 2007

How to Leave a Comment/Contest Update

Anyone can leave a comment on my blog or most blogs for that matter. To leave a comment on my blog, you have three choices for identity. After leaving your comment, enter the letters in word verification—so the computer knows you are a real live person. Then you can either click on “Google/Blogger” signing yourself in and linking to your blog. In this option, if you want to sign in but want your blog to be private and unavailable for other viewers, you can change that in the settings of your blog. The second option, the one I recommend if you do not have a blogger sign-in, is click on “Other”. This will ask you for your name and your web page. You do not have to enter a web page. You can leave it blank. You can also enter your first name only or nickname if that’s what you prefer. If you click on the third option, Anonymous, it will say, “Anonymous” before your comment and I won’t have any idea who you are. I prefer you NOT use this option. I like to know who is commenting. You can if you want though. And if you are entering Nikki’s FaBuLoUs MaRcH cOnTeSt, you must leave a name of some sort so you could possibly win.

Being the blog owner, I can delete any comment at any time.

About Nikki’s FaBuLoUs MaRcH cOnTeSt, I have created a link in the sidebar listed under CONTEST. Just click on the link and go to the comments section at the bottom of the contest post to enter your limerick. Try to write your limerick in as close to limerick format as possible for your best possible chance at winning.

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