Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nikki’s FaBuLoUs MaRcH cOnTeSt

3/8/07 note added: This contest post will appear at the very top of my blog until the contest is over. For other new posts, see just below this one. The yellow hooded ducky towel is the one for the winner!

The white and colorful polka dot fabric is gingham and the pink plaid fabric is homespun. The pails I made my children are reversed-- plaid on the outside w/ coordinating handles, white and colorful polka dot on the inside.

Write a limerick and you could win a yellow hooded ducky towel. Tell your friends to enter. Spread the joy all over Bloggityville!

The month of March signals it’s Spring
Limericks it often doth bring
And my birthday be told
Makes me 30 years old
To win you must rhyme but not sing.

Submit a few limericks that rhyme
And you will be entered each time.
And if ye be anonymous
Sign your name at the bottomest
part of the comment section line.

The rules are to write something fun
Like I said you can write more than one,
Then enter them in
the comment section,
on THIS post starting March 1.

And you needn’t be 18 years old,
Or complain your old towels smell of mold,
Keep the rating to G
And soon you may be
The recipient of the ducky foretold.

The fine print--READ IT!
Contest runs from March 1st to March 17th in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the day that my mom was due with me. But alas, I was late—poor Mom. You may enter up to three separate limericks. They can each have multiple stanzas. If you are submitting more than one limerick, make sure to submit it as a separate comment.

I will pick my top five favorites and have a drawing. To the winner of the best (G-rated) limerick goes a yellow hooded ducky towel (fits up to about age 3 years) and the second place winner will receive a homespun and gingham pastel Easter basket/pail like the ones I made for my children this year. Pictures will be posted soon!

Winners and their limericks will be posted on my blog on UPDATED INFO: March 18th. I reserve the right to delete any inappropriate or non-G-rated limericks from the comments section. Your limerick must be about either the joy of a hooded ducky towel or about me turning thirty. I will pay up to $8.10 shipping for each prize. If you are the winner and live farther away than that, and would still like to receive your ducky towel or Easter basket/pail, you will have to pay the remaining amount for shipping. If you don’t like the rules. Too bad. It’s my birthday.

Winners need not be present to win. Winners must respond within two days or new winners will be drawn. UPDATED INFO: I changed the date of announcing the winners to March 18th instead of the previously said March 21st, so they can receive them in time for Easter.


Amy said...

I find that I'm no good with a rhyme,
Though I do read them all of the time
To my children who love Dr. Suess.
Hey those characters look like a duck! Or a goose?
Speaking of ducks, those towels sound just dandy,
And I bet they really would come in handy.
Especially when kidlets make big puddles,
And wanting to soak you with lots of afterbath cuddles.
I wonder if the towels will be green for the occasion,
Or yellow of the ducky persuasion.
None the less, I shall never know,
For rythmes and me are like Jamaica and Snow.

Amy said...

Say! Nikki's birthday is near!
Sing it out for all the neighbors to hear!
They surely don't know of her talent with sewing.
For if they did, they'd be contacting Boeing.
For no one can touch the fine things she can spin,
Or else this would be quite a wonderful, homey world we'd live in.
She's even hosting this contest for the day of Green.
Who else is as generous and keen?
She's even making the prize by hand.
A ducky towel for one lucky hand.
The child who receives it with joy,
Rather it be a girl or a boy,
Will take through life this ducky of love,
To treasure like a beautiful dove.

piglet26 said...

Playful, rotund and pudgy,
I love toys soft and squdgie.
I squeeze them and coo-
Coating them with drool,
I'm Theodore: cuddly and luvie.

Daddy's sleeping on the bed,
Trying hard to rest his head.
Not letting him sleep,
I'm louder than a peep,
I'm Theodore: waker of the dead!

The sleeper will soon be awake,
To a, it's no mistake.
Yellow buttery goo,
My diaper leaks the ooze,
I'm Theodore: a mess I did make!!!

Now I’m in need of a shower,
My smell certainly overpowers,
To the weakest noses
I ain’t a bunch of roses
I’m Theodore: Pooper by hour!

Oh But a bath will cure my yucky!
Hoping my poo will make me lucky:
I dream in yellow,
Of a soft, fuzzy fellow,
I’m Theodore: in need of Ducky!

MaryRuth said...

Nikki you are so amazingly talented!!!

I'll have to work on a limerick. I don't think I've written one since sixth grade.

I didn't realize that you were going to be 30!!! I didn't know that we were so close in age??

Anonymous said...

Some say that turning thirty is lucky,
That you should smile and act rather plucky.
But others profess
That it causes great stress,
Like a New Yorker trapped in Kentucky.

Now I think turning thirty is awesome.
You can still lift your cares and then toss ‘em.
And yet can expect
To get some respect
For your wisdom’s beginning to blossom.

But if thirty is leaving you yucky
Or mired in a mood that is mucky
Have some good grub
And a soak in the tub
And dry off with a towel that’s a ducky.

from Kent

annie said...

I can't believe I'm typing this :)
I wrote this down in junior high and it has stuck in my mind since...
ps I minored in creative writing in college and never wrote this down, maybe for a reason ...hehe

A Tear...

A tear is a very curious thing,
It touches your funnybone and then stings,
You squint your eyes
and there you find
A sad, wet face left behind

MaddieLynn said...

This yellow duck towel is so cute,
It's only for 1st place, but to boot
You are giving away
A cute basket (hooray!)
And that's all that I have now to say.

Amy said...

Ah - so what you want is a limerick
A simple poem won't do the trick
I'm trying my best
Amoungst all the rest
So mine you will want to pick

The exact date of your birth I don't know
I hope that doesn't call for a blow
Thinking my hardest
Maybe send you a card..est?
None the less, "Happy Birthday" Yo-ho!

I missed the part with a pail
That'd be great to get by mail
Hand spun at that!
I could wear as a hat
The Easter basket to hold all my kale

Now let's talk about the towel of a ducky
One might consider themself quite lucky
One so soft
To dry my quaft
I dare not wipe up anything yucky.

All Andersens said...

OH....Nikki, Nikki,
This is tricky.

It's your birthday,
and your turning 30
But you know
you are still really purty

30 is cool
to bad it's to cold
to relax by the pool

The kids could play
we could sit in the sun
what a day
oh to feel 30 days young

Invite the neighbors
Invite the friends
Invite family
and all them

Here comes a cake
My skins starting to bake
Let's sing loud
sing so Nikki is proud
Inside for me,
It's nap time you'll see!!!


LOL, well maybe I will think of more :)


OHANA said...

The day is coming, the day is near,
What a fun day with nothing to fear!
Celebrate the adventures past
and ones that will forever last
For 30 will be a great great YEAR!

30, flirty and thriving,
I hope your hubby hasn'tt been depriving
You of cuddles & kisses needed,
I hope your feelings have been headed.
And you are doing better than just surviving!

I wont turn 30 for a very long time
And time is all left for me to find.
I wish I could see
the future for me
And a towel is what continues to make me rhyme.

For I see the picture of the prize you post
And I apologize but I must boast
For I have my very own towel
Each time it is used I am wowed!!
But another is what I need most!!!

For you will understand the need
Of a cold and wet toddler with greed.
Who is learning to share,
But seems to not care.
Of her sister who has taken the towel w/speed.

I fear that my rhyme doesn't make sense,
But I wanted to post and not sit on the fence.
So a jumbled mess of words I write,
It's taken me over 30-score night.
JUST GIVE ME THE recompense!!

Leslie said...

There was a cute girl named Nikki
found oft in scrapes that were sticky.
But now that she's older,
and is much, much bolder,
turning thirty's not so icky.

Leslie said...

I've been searching without any luck,
seeking for towels sewn like ducks.
But what here do I find?
Gifts unique to mankind -
Snazzy duckies to wipe off kids' muck!

gurrbonzo said...

Thirty! What a wise, mature person
Your life is fantastic and won't worsen
and if you continue to pro-create
at this outstanding rate
for the next thirty, you'll still be nursin'.

Three decades being hilarious
Cracking everyone up and oh so gregarious
a real kitchen I wizard
I bet you even freeze gizzard
and through you, i live vicarious.

piglet26 said...

Thar’ be a lass named nikki,
Who once could hickey like Kanicky, (Think Grease)
She dropped that plan
When she married ol’ Dan,
And now she is Nikki the Picky.

Picky of what you might ask,
Organization is her great task,
With blog tips to boot,
full of ideas, well Shoot!
Picky Nikki-In her wisdom we can bask!

The ol’ gal will be turnin’ thirty,
Her house always far from dirty,
Cause she’s a cleanin’
Organizing and dreamin’
Of Associated Content articles that are wordy!

At 30 she’ll be one tough Mother,
For her babe’s she’ll be deliverin’ a brother.
She’ll push out that Baby,
She’s Fearless!...well maybe,
But in 2 years there’s sure to be another!

Oh Picky Nikki, the tough mother of Dakota!
Cleaning and cooking is always a load of-
Everything she does each day,
To devote herself in every way,
A life if sweetness is what she has a bowl of!

Amy said...

I loved that last one Erin!! (please don't hold my praise against my own posts Nikki -hee hee)


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